Monday 24 February, 2020

VIDEO: Include the deaf totally - Christmas wish

The deaf are important.

In Barbados, in an effort towards inclusion on a greater scale, Loop sat and chatted with Bonnie Leonce. She is an Interpreter and the Founder of Signature Interpretations. Leonce was delighted to see that an effort was being made to include the deaf community. 

Here is Signature Interpretations Christmas Message for the nation and region - hearing and deaf citizens.


Below is the script for the video above. Challenge yourself to learn a few signs if you have never done sign language.

"Hi everybody. People all over the world are celebrating Christmas. There's happiness, enjoyment and lots of fellowship in addition to the 4 f's: 
1. Family
2. Friends
3. Food 
4. Fun

"But what happens after Christmas?  Barbados and the Caribbean need to show respect to the Deaf community. Hearing people tend to think themselves superior and look down on the Deaf. No. This needs to stop. Hearing people think that they're on a higher level than the Deaf but there needs to be equality and full inclusion.

"The Deaf want an education, jobs and to attend school just like their hearing counterparts, and this needs to happen not only in the Caribbean but the world over.

"So what is my Christmas and New Year's wish? For the hearing to respect the Deaf and that there be full and total equality for all!"

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