Wednesday 12 December, 2018

Video recorder not off scot-free

Some members of the society are dragging the man, who recorded the videos showing the baby being abused this week, over hot coals.

However, as an officer of the Royal Barbados Police Force pointed out to Loop News, had he not recorded the incidents, there would be no documentation or irrefutable evidence for the case, which can be brought against the perpetrator in defence of the victim.

As one commenter, dressshop246, on Instagram succinctly said to other persons commenting on the videos:

“Wanna under here talking a bunch… because wanna saying he should hit her and he shouldn't be videotaping it...umm news flash the law does protect women so if he hit her wanna gine say he thing is it's a two-sided something, yes he could have done something but still he need rock hard evidence, decide what y'all really thinking…”

Shakiraspringer added, “I glad he in hit her to get he self in trouble cause ya would hear people saying something else, I glad he record it and I hope he took it to the police.”

But dressshop246 and shakiraspringer were two of a few as others took the man behind the camera to task for not reporting the woman and the incidents.

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Meanwhile, a boatload of people actually advocated for violence against the woman.

syrupilicious050 said, “He stupid coz I wud pop off her head for dat sweet innocent child u doin c..t to kicking she in her face like she Issa dog, he got time to record dat before he lick off she head smfh”

Persons called for her to be charged, imprisoned, and punished in various ways.

This person was toeing the line saying, “Smh he in no much different than her cause the time he take to record all this he should done put a lash in her r a stop to it (smh a child raising a child that's all I can say )”

However, one person called on people to correct, criticise and guide the woman, but to refrain from bullying and threatening her. In addition, the commenter said the man she have helped her and taught her better as well.

Heart_uh_gold stated:

“But why be mean to her? Say what you have to as that u dont agree with what she did that is ok ....but why wish bad on her and i speaking to every other comment as well that wishing something bad on her .... Say what you have to about her ways of caring for the young child and you would like to see it stopped but dont insult her....we as a bajan society like to gang up and kick people when they are down it is fun for us to do..... She clearly lacks the basic knowledge of caring for a child .... Just be active and call the child care board to make sure it is dealt with right away..... Dont have to be cyber bullies....

“I agree she lacks the knowledge you can clearly see.... And before he guides her ...he made a joke out of it and now posting it on social media for her to be bullied and brought down.... And he himself should get in trouble for watching it happen its like he was there and didnt even try hard to stop her... Just recorded because putting it on social media was more important.”

Moreover, Ginseng_31 steered clear of finger pointing and casting blame, by instead urging the mother to give up the baby if she has no love in her heart for the child.

“Well well so much women in the world who would love to have a baby of there own but they cant due to complications. There’s nothing like a mothers love for they babies this hurt me so bad, u r young why would u treat the baby like that it seems to me your putting your anger out on the wrong person its not right...saw on social media and old lady who… give birth to a healthy baby and shes in her 80's the love i saw threw pics that she have for that baby is priceless after she was told from docs she cant have a baby...if u know u dont need it pls give the baby to someone who will give this baby A MOTHERS LOVE.”

In the video where the woman is seen kicking the baby girl in her face, she actually yells at the baby, “I hate yuh Kizara, hate yuh. I hate yuh!”

Do you think the authorities should take the baby in the video away from the home?


The officer additionally said that the man behind the camera wouldn't be charged with aiding and abetting, and furthermore, under the Computer Misuse Act, it is usually the victim in the video who brings charges against the person who recorded them for inflicting pain and emotional turmoil. However, as he pointed out, in this case, the victim is the baby and the fact is, without the videos, investigations would not be progressing to bring relief for the vulnerable young victim - the baby.

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