Friday 23 October, 2020

VIDEO: Rihanna went ‘WILD’ at the Grammys; 12 times to react like RiRi

Rihanna caught with her tongue out during the performance of Wild Thoughts at the 2018 Grammys in New York City.

Rihanna caught with her tongue out during the performance of Wild Thoughts at the 2018 Grammys in New York City.

Rihanna went to the 60th Annual Grammy Awards last night, Sunday, January 28, to have fun.

She skipped the red carpet but stole the stage, commanding the attention of everyone when she started dancing and wilding out during the Live performance of Wild Thoughts.

From the moment she made her entrance in a cowl neck, spaghetti strapped fuchsia dress with sequins all eyes were on Ri.

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Then she took center stage and despite being surrounded by more than 20 dancers, Ri with her curly bundles and high side split on the left-side of her dress was not easy to miss.

She sang when it was her time to, but once DJ Khaled or Bryson Tiller were on the mic she balled out. Ri even did some Latin dance steps in the ‘Carlos Santana – Maria Maria’ sample segments and after the last Latin break in the music, she went HAM.

Rihanna had Barbadians around the globe going “Check RiRi”, “Yaaaassssssss”, “Come through Rihanna”, “Yuh just gotta love uh Rihanna hear”, while screaming and even laughing all the while.

When Ri clenched her teeth and then stuck her tongue out while ‘shaking what her momma gave her’ in unison with the dancers as choreographed, the energy in Madison Square Garden in NYC exploded. Persons watching live or via stream could not help but feel her infectious rhythm, beat and joy.

Rihanna was on show! Check the video from the Super Netvid YouTube channel above.

And it was purely coincidental that around that moment, DJ Khaled said to the crowd, “Oh, y’all think it’s a game!” Ri sure as heck had a blast.

Now this morning the memes are here.

So if you’re Bajan or Caribbean you'll get all of these, but regardless, here are a few times when it would be okay to give them that ‘Rihanna WILD THOUGHTS face action’.

1. When an adult says, 'Go inside and do your homework', but you done finished it already! *cue Rihanna*

2. When your granny says, 'Go to bed', and your mum arrives with fast food and says, 'Come get a bite' *cue Rihanna*

3. When you ask your friend for some of her snack because you forgot your lunchbox and she says ‘Stop begging’. Then at lunchtime your dad turns up with Chefette *cue Rihanna*

4. When you’re dreading eating School meals and the server says, ‘It’s fried chicken’. *cue Rihanna*

5. When you walk out the house late, reach the bus stop, look up and see the bus or van coming…with seats and moving *cue Rihanna*

6. When bae says 'No', and then surprises you by doing what he said he wouldn't do. *runs to the bathroom and hides... cue Rihanna* 

7. When your boss sends you an email asking why you did not complete a task, and you hit him or her with the 'As per my last email....see below and attached' *cue Rihanna*

8. When everyone in the house wants one flavour of ice cream except you, and when you get to the ice cream truck the man says, we only got the flavour you want *cue Rihanna*

9. When a woman looks at your natural hair and says it's untidy, then her significant other comes up and asks, 'Can I touch your hair? I like hair like this.' *cue Rihanna*

10. When people steal your parking space and then you get one closer to the entrance. As they walk your way *cue Rihanna*

11. It's Sports Term, so when your child comes from in last place in the distance race and places 1, 2, or 3. *cue Rihanna*

12. When they keep asking what hits Rihanna had in 2017…oh, besides Wild Thoughts? And you point to her 2018 Grammy Award for LOYALTY *cue Rihanna* Leave them with their faces looking they bite LEMON. HAAAA!

On Twitter persons were making memes too.

Josiah Johnson, Creator of Comedy Central's LegendsofCH tweeted a .gif of Rihanna's clenched teeth and tongue out reaction along with, 'When she hungry and finally get some food' It got 1,300 likes in 12 hours so far.


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