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VIDEO: Ruby Junction needs proper lights; Hit-and-run victim gone Home

Shop where Mr. Jules spent his last hours before hitting the crossing to head to his home.

Shop where Mr. Jules spent his last hours before hitting the crossing to head to his home.

A loud call for better lighting and nightly functioning caution lights by the pedestrian crossing at Ruby junction is being made by operators, residents and visitors to the St. Philip area.


Operating for a few years from her spot, one shopkeeper said:

"All I got to say is that they need more lighting. It's too dull when night, and nobody can see the crossing. They waan put LED, you know them bright, bright lights? And you calling Light and Power and they giving you a lot of talk. That is nonsense!

"You know how many people that nearly get lick down? Up to the same night, up to last night a fella, the person end up hitting the back wheel of he bicycle. I don't understand. Ever since that light want changing. And they also want a light on the other side of the road."

She made the comment while pointing at the white shop with red doors at the corner of the junction. That establishment is where the latest road fatality victim, Frederick Jules spent his last hours on this Earth.

Asked about the flashing solar lights affixed to poles by the crossing with fluorescent signs indicating a School Crossing, she said that they only work during school hours and when school is in session. 

"It don't work at night. That does only work while school going on. When school over, everything done!"

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Loop ventured to the crossing and inspected the poles. Indeed there are no buttons to press when a pedestrian is hoping to cross the busy roadway in St. Philip.

Another proprietor who had shut up shop for the night before the incident occurred painted the sad and angering scene.

He said:

"You see that accident last night? Hmph! That man coulda do without killing he. He pon de crossing gine cross... I hear de rest say he did pon de crossing, you know? It's like I was standing up there, and I hear 'WHAAAAAX!' I did right there so in the position he in and when I hear them sorta things I don't move. But however, it appears as if when de car hit he, de car tek up he and de bicycle. De bicycle land first and then he land back dey, yonder so, lil below de garbage can in front this house here so in de road.

"But yuh see that man, that man kill that man and gone long, gone long bout he business - I don't know, but it's sad. It's a horrible death. I wouldn't like to die so. De man ain't even had a chance to talk. 

"De man left from by de shop yonder and holler he gine home. Right? Holler he gine home, but de way I see it, he say he gine home; he looking to go to his home, but he really gone Home fuh trute. You understand wuh I mean? It's sad to see he gone that way.

"I mean, none of we aint know when we time coming. It could have been me."

Speaking further about how the incident unfolded, he laid some of the blame on the unknown driver's speed.

He went on saying, "It did doing numbers." Looking around, he said that time people in the vicinity could get to the main road and crossing from the gap opposite the Hilda Skeene Primary School, the car was out of sight.

"They ain't even see a trail of dust, a cloud of whiteness or tail-lights. Nothing! You see dem that was in the shop, by the time they step out I doubt they see the lights either. It's sad."

A young man who had sprinted to the crossing nodded in agreement completely.

Concurring with the story from the shopkeeper about near-misses in the area, he affirmed they had a collision earlier yesterday evening. "A man come out, a fella come up riding on a bicycle and a man come out and hit de fella yonder and then he reverse fast and went back there and de boy walk over there with he bicycle then and de two of them mussy make up."

A Christ Church resident who frequents the area doing work, he said, the street light at the junction works "off and on" and more off than on. He said it needs fixing and the caution lights by the crossing need to work at night.

Adding his two cents about the dangers which present at said junction he contended, "A bicycle man get hit here yesterday too before de man dead. And a friend of mine walked cross and near get hit yesterday before we left here." He only vacated the area around 9:00 pm, Friday night.

He said, "A friend of mine with me yesterday, he walked here and he near get hit there and then a bicycle man...he not too long leave here too, just now. And then de man dead last night. I say, well that would be de three bodies dat dead in a hurry."

Jules was the victim of a hit-and-run around 2:00 am, this morning, Saturday, December 22, 2018. He is Barbados' latest road fatality.

Police investigations continue and the driver involved remains at large. 

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