Saturday 11 July, 2020

Video of school girl refusing sexual advances being investigated

Police are investigating a video circulating on social media, which shows a school girl pushing away a male who is making sexual advances towards her.

The school girl is reported to be sitting on a chair in the video, while a male exposes himself in front of her and tries to push his genitals in her face and under her skirt.

Public relations officer with the Royal Barbados Police Force, Acting Station Sergeant Roland Cobbler, told Loop News that police have seen the video and are investigating.

“Anything that goes on social media that constitutes an offence we will look into.

“Of course it’s quite obvious that the girl is a minor, so there will be some criminal liability there, so there will definitely be some investigations.”

While he could not provide further details, the spokesman stressed that the public nature of social media allowed police to easily investigate such situations:

“Social media is worldwide - everybody has access to social media these days - so we in the Force will see it too...

"We will not necessarily wait until we get a report - if we see it and we see criminal activity we will not wait until we get a report. Once we see it and we see criminal liability, we will start to investigate right away.”

[UPDATE: 8:00 a.m. October 19, 2016]

The Barbados Union of Teachers' President Pedro Shepherd has responded to the video. He said: “We need to stop the talk and do the act. Castrate one or two of these young men.”

Read more here: Castrate sexual predators

[UPDATE: 8:55 a.m. October 20, 2016]

Police have charged 17-year-old Kwame Everton Dashawn Yearwood, of Grove Tenantry, St. George with Serious Indecency, in relation to this video.

[UPDATE: 4:30 P.M. October 20th, 2016] 

17-year-old Kwame Everton Dashawn Yearwood  was granted bail at a sum of $5000, on the charge of serious indecency.


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