Saturday 17 November, 2018

VIDEO: Sol Skywatch staff pick up pieces after freak accident

Broken glass was the biggest problem after the freak accident at Sol Skywatch.

Broken glass was the biggest problem after the freak accident at Sol Skywatch.

There was another drive-through accident at a Sol Service station but this time it was a new location.

Staff and customers at Sol Skywatch gas station were confused and a bit shook up this morning after hearing a loud crash and realizing that a driver had mistakenly crashed into the service station after attempting to put gas in her car.


Loop understands that the driver had driven too far from the gas pump and in attempting to straighten up and get closer, but lost control of the vehicle.

Due to the crash the front area of the store was directly damaged including the front glass, shelves and a variety of items, however luckily for the driver, she walked away unharmed.

Speaking to Loop during the clean-up process Retailer Mark Holdford explained how the incident took place.

"This morning we had an incident with a customer driving into the glass at the front of the store. No one is injured and we're very happy about that. The driver came at round 9:50 am this morning to fill up with gas at our pump island. They were trying to straighten up because they were a bit far from the pump and in doing that it seems like they lost control of the vehicle and propelled straight into the glass damaging the front store, glass at the front, some shelves and some stock but again as we said, we're very happy that no one was injured. The driver was not injured. She's just a little shaken up. Our staff is doing very well and we're happy about that."

Holford promised patrons that before close of business today, the store would be fixed and reopened for business.

Shift Manager Mona Layne who was on duty at the time of the accident admitted that she was still confused as to what happened.

"I was inside the store at the time it happened and I just heard a loud crash," she told Loop.

"From what I understand, a lady came in to get some petrol and she was too far from the pump so as she tried to straighten up, [and] the car went straight inside the station."

Layne further on went on to say that in her 15 years being an employee at the gas station she never saw "anything like this. Nothing like this has happened since I was here and I was here about 15 years now."

Customers and residents were also confused about the accident saying that they still couldn't quite understand how it took place.

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