Sunday 26 May, 2019

VIDEO: UWI Humanities Faculty hoping to survive ‘hard times’

The numbers of students pursuing degrees in the Faculty of Humanities and Education at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus has dropped significantly. 

Dean of the Faculty, Professor Evelyn O’Callaghan is hoping the value of the arts can be acknowledged and celebrated in the future. 

On Wednesday, members and students of the faculty gathered at the Quadrangle for the Time Capsule Placement Ceremony, as part of the activities to mark the UWI’s 70th anniversary celebration.  

Each department within the faculty made a contribution to the time capsule which included six relic items which were buried and will be unearthed in 30 years.  


In her remarks, which were read by Professor Frederick Ochieng-Odhiambo, Professor O’Callaghan noted Barbados was “is in the throes of a financial recession” and tertiary education is now viewed as a privilege more so than a right.  

“Hence, parents, partners, school-leavers and lending organizations are more willing to help pay for training in Law or Medicine or Business in the belief that these degrees automatically qualify graduates for a profession. There is a lot less confidence that BA or BEd degrees do so.”  

At Cave Hill Campus, the History, French and Creative Arts programme have been hardest hit with the latter reporting class numbers as few as three to four students. 

She noted there was hope on the horizon for the faculty. 

“Law does not encourage artistic creativity; science is not concerned with beauty; computer technology is not concerned with morals. Only the Humanities and Education celebrate and analyze what make us human, and I hope in thirty years’ time the value of our Faculty is known and celebrated.” 

Some of the replicas placed into the time capsule included an analog watch, an hourglass, a monkey jar, a sea-horse and a bell.  

The capsule is set to be unearthed in 2048. 

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