Thursday 9 July, 2020

VIDEO: The very youthful form of ‘rent-a-tile’ dancing

Action speaks louder than words.

Action speaks louder than words.

Ever heard the term ‘rent-a-tile’?

Ask any of the seniors in your community, and they will tell you that the term refers to a time on the dance floor when there was greater focus on closing down the space between two dance partners.

Cool and deadly beats promoting smooth and steady movements between two people moving so close that many would say not even breeze could pass between them.

Two persons moving as one in no greater space than that of a single tile, often no larger than 10 inches square.

But with the increase in tempo in many of the modern musical beats, that art form among dancers has gradually been fading.

However, all may not be lost as this video circulating on social media of a baby boy in a rural community displaying with ease the art that many seniors in their heydays would have practised for months on end to perfect, has been creating quite the buzz.

Watch the video below and have a pleasant Loop morning.


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