Thursday 9 April, 2020

Update: Canadian visitor shot in a home invasion in Christ Church

Update: [8.43 am, Sunday, February 23, 2020]

A Canadian visitor is today nursing a gunshot wound after three gunmen entered the house where he was staying.

Police in the Southern Division responded to a shooting incident which reportedly occurred about 9.25 pm on Saturday, February 22, 2020.

The gunshot victim Kenneth Elliott, a Canadian visitor, was staying at #161 Diamond Close, Ealing Park, Christ Church. It is not clear at this time but Loop understands that some homes in the area are rented as AirBnb accommodations.

Police Public Relations Officer, Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss reported that the 65-year-old victim was at the residence when it was invaded by three male assailants armed with firearms. 

It is alleged that a struggle ensued and the victim was shot in his left shoulder. 

The men ran off. 

The victim was transported by ambulance for medical attention at Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 

Police investigations are ongoing.


Update: 12.16 am, Sunday, February 23, 2020.

The victim is at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital. 


Visitor shot

[Original story: 11.13 pm, Saturday, February 22, 2020]

A visitor was shot in Barbados.

Police Public Relations Officer,  Acting Inspector Rodney Inniss confirmed to Loop News that:

"It was reported that a visitor was shot."

Sources say that the shooting occurred around 9.25 pm in the Ealing Park, Christ Church area.

The extent of the injury or injuries sustained by the victim is unknown currently. However, Loop understands that the victim may have been stabbed as well.

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