Sunday 25 October, 2020

Vow to be healthy

Take a page out of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) book and pledge to live a healthy lifestyle.

But, the SDA are not challenging Barbadians to take such a vow because it must be a personal choice not forced.

Ron Birkett of the Holder’s Hill SDA told Loop:

“Seventh Day Adventists set an example for society by practicing and promoting a healthy lifestyle which has been reported in the media and studied by health professionals. We ensure that the congregation focuses on health by ensuring that the organization from the governing body to each local church has a department/individual responsible for promoting healthy living within the church and the wider society.

Each person who joins the SDA church takes a vow to abstain from the use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco and narcotics.”

Today as the congregation hosts their annual Health Fair, Birkett added:

“We don't challenge anyone to make vows. The vow is a personal decision that individuals make when they decide to become a Seventh Day Adventist and although it is a requirement for membership it should not and is not coerced in any way.”

In relation to children, they too are taught the healthy way from young.

Birkett said, “We teach them the importance of good health using age appropriate language.”

He urged that that Barbadians need to take their health more seriously saying, “Barbadians' health is vitally important to Barbados' moral, social and economic success.

With past fairs having been “very successful”, the SDA are hopeful that more people get on board to reduce illness and sickness.

Therefore the 2016 Health Fair and Series were motivated by the church’s strong belief in the importance of good health and desire to educate the community about how to achieve and maintain good health.

“We view this as an important part of the ongoing services, such as the distribution of free food and clothing, assisting children with preparation for the Secondary School Entrance Examination, that we provide to the community.?

“Our hope is that our community will become aware of the importance of good health to their physical, mental and spiritual well being. And to teach them how to achieve good health,” said Birkett.

Birkett worked in collaboration with Dr. Heather Armstrong, Holders Hill SDA Health and Temperance Director, on the Health Fair and Series.

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