Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Wandering incidents have attention of BNCPTA

The Barbados National Council of Parent Teacher Associations (BNCPTA) is deeply concerned about the number of incidents of missing teenagers, which have been recorded so far for the year.

For 2017 The Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) has released nine bulletins with missing teenagers, five girls and four boys in total.

President of the BNCPTA, Shone Gibbs, told Loop News the association is in the planning stages of rolling out a forum to address the issue of wandering with parents and should be rolled out by June of this year.

“It is something that we will be bringing to the public. We continue to be concerned about the behaviour of our girls, the youth in general, but the girls are a major concern. And the whole issue of wandering, the causes, how it can be affected and how we can deal with it as a nation is something we are currently discussing.”

Gibbs noted that abuse is one of the main reasons why some girls are choosing not to return home.

“Abuse is one of the biggest issues we have. And the ad that comes over the radio every day that suggests that 20 percent of our girls are abused by age 18, so very often in many cases they are running away. And what is it that they are running away from? We definitely have to investigate the home environment and see how we can help these children to be able to communicate with their parents.”

He added while girls have been known to engage in this type of behaviour, boys too have been expressing similar behaviours in recent times.

“At some point we will have to isolate the males and the females because the causes are different and we want to zoom in… so we can really assist those persons who are really impacted by it.”

Gibbs went on to say he has recognised the teenagers who are wandering are running "to something that they feel comfortable with". He added in most instances what they are running to is not always "something positive" and this is the greatest area of concern. 


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