Tuesday 27 October, 2020

WATCH: 20 songs Bajans seem to be sleeping on for Crop Over 2019

Loop sings its own tune.

Loop sings its own tune.

The music made for Crop Over 2019 is not getting fair rotation on all radio stations and at events, especially in the fetes and on cruises.

Loop is 'saying this from our heart (A)', and to be honest, 'de whole lotta talking ting ain’t fuh we though (B)', but the unfair distribution of hits being played frequently while others are being shelved has 'left we speechless like instrumental' (C). So we're having our say and 'We don’t care if you judge us (D)'. [Can you figure out which four songs these lyrics come from?]

So without further ado, here are the 20 tracks that we wanna hear more. 

1. Sweeter than Sweet (Bass Ink Productions Tropical Gas Riddim) by Mole

Many people down in dey wid Mole. They won't let him breathe. Yet they don't know there is more to de Daddy than bashment...he can get groovy and even country.


2. Champions of Colour by Walkes

You may have heard Hickles of Life and Want meet meat but what about de jab jab?


3. Live To Party by Lynchy

This song is many people's dark horse.


4. Darlin’ by Shaquille

Shaquille Layne is the Producer and one of the Executive Producers of the official music video for Darlin'.


5. Shake it by Timmy

It's no bumpa catch a fyah...but it's a welcomed addition this season. Does your manicure match your hairdo? If yes, then this song is for you and them ain't want nuttin wid you.


6. Dutty by Joaquin

Most people didn't even know a Bajan was singing Tiney Winey during Crop Over 2018, only after the season, so persons sleeping on another Joaquin tune is no surprise, but it's saddening and maddening. He is really good!


7. Summer by Marvay

Marvay is one of Barbados' truly consistent contributors to Crop Over year after year. He knows de sun hot and he promises to "cool it down". We are holding him to this with heat waves threatening : )


8. Shy Girl by Holla Bak and Shontelle

She has not really been on a soca track since Colours with Natahlee, and she's back on a banger. Holla Bak made his name in this industry and he continues to write hits in our opinion. We said what we said. Hold the firewroks. #Dontfightus


9. Flight by Nikita

Her last name has officially changed to Herbert on YouTube and she not only sang 'Flight', she also did some of her own background vocals. Wow!


10. Doh Care by Rhea Layne

You don't know what we've been through! You can say what you want. But we doh care because we love this Rhea track. If you like it too, let's take a wine by the speaker[box]. Find us in th next fete.

11. Do Ting by Grateful Co

12. Turn it so by Mr Blood

13. Buckle by Fiyah B

14. Honey by Bo Bo

15. Think Twice by Rupee

16. Hold You by Fadda Fox

17. This Gal by Sanctuary

18. Goodbye by Zidan

19. Push Back by Xavi

20. Moments by NiQA

Saddis 'Done wid it' would have been on this list last week but its rotation has improved tremendously. Also, special mention to Rum Drinkah by Steely, but please drink responsibly and have a designated driver.

To the artistes, all the artistes and the producers, we at Loop see you and we appreciate you and your efforts.


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