Wednesday 12 August, 2020

WATCH: Babies and youth not left out of Bajan Christmas tradition



Parents and guardians are not leaving up to chance. They are raising their children to continue the Christmas in Queen's Park tradition.

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Some people may think that it is a dying tradition but that is far from true. Loop ran into quite a few parents who had babies in arms and they confessed that walking the Park on Christmas morning after church had to be part of baby's first Christmas experience. One grandfather even said that he hopes his grand-daughter continues with the family tradition especially the part about attending 5:00 am mass first.

Do you think that Christmas in Queen's Park is a tradition that should never die?


For some tourists it was a first, and for one Irish mother who has married a Barbadian man, according to her, for her husband there was no doubt that they must bring their toddler son to Queen's Park for his first Christmas in Barbados.

Ronald 'Beardie' Prsecod features prominently each and every Christmas Morning in Queen's Park for the past 25 years as he parades in his finery along with his mates. They all dress 'dapper' even carrying canes and wearing hats. Beardie said that a highlight for him this year was the fact that he saw little ones with canes and young guys colour-coordinating in their cliques. "They're catching on!"


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