Tuesday 7 July, 2020

WATCH: Charity takes the spotlight as Run Barbados sets record

It is all about fun, good rivalry and charity at this year's Cave Shepherd Run Barbados Marathon Weekend. 
(Run Barbados Facebook photo)

It is all about fun, good rivalry and charity at this year's Cave Shepherd Run Barbados Marathon Weekend. (Run Barbados Facebook photo)

The Cave Shepherd Run Barbados Marathon Weekend is here.

This year's edition promises even more excitement and nail-biting competition than you have grown accustomed to, while your steps will also have the potential to drastically change the lives of individuals and communities across Barbados. 

With just a  few hours of activities finished, persons have already been able to get a full dose of rivalry and fun, leaving them with great expectations for the remaining activities. And even more is in store, as the inaugural Cave Shepherd Village presents a hive of activities to keep everyone engaged. 

Cave Shepherd Run Barbados Marathon Weekend 2018

The record number of persons registered for the three days of activities is another indication of the anticipation around the event.

This was clear when Loop News spoke with Gail Welch, the Executive Assistant to the CEO at the title sponsors of the event, Cave Shepherd & Company Limited:

"The registration numbers are really high and surpass last year - so we have a record number of persons registering for 2018."

Retail Manager at Colombian Emeralds International, Mary Sealy, noted that such record numbers are further evidence of the quality of the event, and therefore part of the reason that company is involved:  

"It is really an honour for Colombian Emeralds International to be involved because we like to be associated with anything first-class and Run Barbados is definitely a first-class event." 

But it is not only the excitement of it all that has driven these companies to be part of this annual initiative, but the potential to positively impact lives. 

Ms Gail explained that the Ganzee 5K Walk taking place on Saturday will give everyone the opportunity to do just that, as she encouraged persons to come out to the walk in aid of the Substance Abuse Foundation:

"This year the charity is the Substance Abuse Foundation and we are extremely honoured to have them be a part of our effort through the Ganzee 5K Walk.

"The Substance Abuse Foundation has recently opened the Maria House, which is the facility for female clients who are challenged with substance abuse. So we are really excited to partner with them to make persons aware of the fantastic service that they are offering."

When asked about the lack of public awareness about substance abuse among women in Barbados, Ms Gail noted that the growing demand among women is why the Maria House was established and urged Barbadians to do their part to help change the lives of these women and their families - stressing that they can register for the event up to a few minutes before it starts:

"That is why the Substance Abuse Foundation sought to create an institution separate from Verdu House which is for the men. 

"We really want at least 1000 persons to walk for this charity this year and show their support for the Foundation. The good news is that there is no cutoff time to register for the walk - you can register even two minutes before." 

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