Thursday 29 October, 2020

WATCH: Daring Trinidadians engage in 'flood Olympics'

Amidst the catastrophic damage caused by flooding in parts of South and Central Trinidad, some daring citizens decided to keep their spirits up by engaging in what some might call 'flood Olympics".

A series of videos showed citizens engaged in various dangerous feats involving diving, rowing, and even what could be referred to as 'flood water tubing' during the heavy deluge which occurred earlier this week. 

See the video below:



Some condemned their foolhardy actions, while others supported the fun.

Chica Emery: "This right here is why women live longer."

Mike Martinez: "This reason why I love Trinidad... Yall always fond the brighter side of things... We will raise again... Stay strong folks."

Lincoln Douglas II: "Greatest country in the western hemisphere. Who say otherwise should eat a bad goat roti and choke on a bone #redwhiteandblack."

Lionel de Freitas: "So if there was a piece of steel or bamboo in the water, the show would have been different .You dont fool around in murky waters....Well at least he made a smart entry into the water by the feet. Break foot better than a popped neck. Talent scout , please enroll him for the Diving events at the next Olympic."

Rachel Lalite: "We have a real nice spirit in this country we always take things light but guys be careful...its not safe because of the bacteria and the murky view."

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service cautioned citizens to keep away from flooded areas and to preserve the safety of lives and property wherever possible. 

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