Wednesday 23 September, 2020

WATCH: Fergie’s business and spirit not destroyed in Bolton Lane fire

Wayne Fergusson, Owner of Fergie's, plying his trade on the outside of his old location to attract shoppers along Bolton Lane.

Wayne Fergusson, Owner of Fergie's, plying his trade on the outside of his old location to attract shoppers along Bolton Lane.

One retailer who suffered a great loss when fire struck in Bolton Lane, Bridgetown, just under two months ago, is rebuilding and refusing to look back.

Owner of Fergie’s Kevin Fergusson was today standing outside the old location for his business when the Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Dwight Sutherland toured Bolton Lane and Swan Street in Bridgetown.


Fergusson told Loop News that he most pleased by the Minister’s efforts to come and interact with the vendors, as opposed to sticking to the bigger, more established business players.

Speaking to the impact of the fire on sales, he admitted, “It did dampen all sales since most, well all of our merchandise was destroyed.” Asked the value of the store’s contents at the time, he refused to comment only saying that he is beyond that now. “I’m only forward-looking. We are done with that.”

In terms of adapting to the present situation in the absence of a renovated building so quickly after the fire which gutted the store on October 19, 2018, he said that they have set up tables on the outside to accommodate persons and facilitate business. “So we are doing some things on the street. In terms of rebuilding, as far and as fast as we could, but the Christmas season hinders what you can do.”

Asked how the new accommodations are working out, he said, “It seems like Christmas I guess.

“We are hoping that when people get paid, they say they’ll get paid around Friday I think, so we have to wait until then to say anything’s being bumped up. Right now, just regular I guess. A lot of people looking; I guess they would like to buy but they would come back when they get their monies. That’s on my end, I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody.”

Fergie’s sells hats and ladies’ clothing.


Responding to what’s his hope when the facility is reconstructed, he said, “Any new accommodation would, of course, come with a new feel and hopefully that would be an improvement on what we offered before, but in terms of services I hope that we can offer the same level of service but in a nicer ambience. Hopefully, that could help with sales, so if people weren’t attracted to the old place, they could feel different about the new place. We’ll just see what happens.”

Four City businesses including Fergie’s were impacted most drastically by the blaze.

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