Saturday 28 November, 2020

WATCH: General Elections - 8 FAQs about voting in Barbados

An educated voter is the best kind of voter.

Who said that? Loop did!

So here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the voting process that people have been asking us and we are answering.

Loop chatted with a senior representative at the Electoral and Boundaries Commission to get the truth and facts about Elections, Election Day and Election Night. Bonnie Leonce interpreted for our deaf readers.

See below:


1. Can I use my passport or driver’s licence to vote?


2. Can you vote if off island?

Unfortunately, no! There is no absentee ballot sent by email, fax, or internet download.

3. Is there a dress code at the polling stations?

The Commission says that persons should appropriately. Political Party shirts are NOT allowed. There is to be no advertising of Party. Previously, persons would avoid the colours yellow, red and blue, but this time Parties and Independents are affiliated with orange, green, white, black, purple and pink in addition to the red, yellow and blue. If you want to be neutral, wear grey or brown or denim. Those are your safest bets.

4. Do any of the polling stations have interpreters for the deaf?

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No. However the law makes provisions for persons to receive assistance once they state their incapacity.

One of Loop’s reporters confessed that she voted ‘deaf’ in 2013 and in her experience, it’s a lot of pointing, yelling and clueless looks at first. Then they walked her to the booth and gave her the pen and paper and pointed some more. If a person is deaf and illiterate, please make sure they take an interpreter along.

5. Any of the ballots have Braille for the blind.

No. Again, state your incapacity and assistance will be provided.

6. What time do the polling stations open and close?

Opening - 6:00 am

Closing – 6:00 pm

NOTE: If you are in the line at 6:00 pm you are permitted to vote.

7. When does the vote count begin?

The count starts at the Counting Centres at 8:00 pm.

8. When can a candidate ask for a recount?

There is nothing written in stone, but a recount only occurs if the Returning Officer deems one reasonable.

In 2013, there were two recounts at the Parkinson School for the St. Michael South East seat. It was contested by Santia Bradshaw of the Barbados Labour Party (BLP) and Patrick Tannis of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP). Bradshaw won.

Go out and vote! Let your voice be heard.

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