Saturday 28 November, 2020

WATCH: Lyrikal start to Crop Over for one Bajan with a criminal wine

Mara Rose being embraced by Lyrikal.

Mara Rose being embraced by Lyrikal.

Lyrikal may have been alone in Barbados, without his duet partner Patrice Roberts, but on stage, he met his Bajan match and it was pure fire.

For 25-year-old Shemara Morris it was a dream come true not only to dance to and for Lyrikal - soca artist out of Trinidad, she got hugs and kisses as well. If touching him was Cloud 9 in her books, after the interaction she was on Cloud Nine Hundred and Ninety-Nine (999).


More popularly known as Mara Rose, in her all-white shorts and crop top, she helped Lyrikal bring his ‘Criminal Wine’ track to life at the recent Soca Ignition event.

Walking onto stage tentatively and with the most animated facial expressions ever, she went on stage smiling from ear to ear and was immediately taken under Lyrikal’s wing as he told the crowd of soca lovers to make noise for her. He asked if she’s popular; ‘Leh we see uh popular wine now!’

Without needing any more encouragement, Mara took centre stage and did not disappoint. She took direction from Lyrikal to drop it down and split then wined low to the ground. Then he urged her ‘faster, faster’ and once more she acquiesced his request.

Unleashing a true Bajan Criminal Wine with a grin, Lyrikal embraced Mara from behind and like a true fan she was fawning over his touch while making her friends in the front row laugh hysterically. Acting as though she couldn’t catch her breath over the occasion and being in his presence, Lyrikal made the moment even better when he pulled her close and told everyone to make noise for her. “And make some noise for me right now, ‘cause I cyan handle that!”

Then he let go her hand and asked her to wine one more time, starting slow and building, then she walked over to him as he sang ‘Trying to teef a wine like a criminal…’ The two started to grind on each other. ‘I came here alone’ he sang and then Mara did a quick dip which made Lyrikal lick his lips and walk away. It was all fun and games on stage. Before he turned back and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek while in the background the lyric ‘I came here to feel nice’ blazed in the background.

Loop caught up with Mara Rose to ask her about those two minutes and the memory was still clear in her mind. She even seemed to still be awestruck.

Asked if she was nervous at all, she laughed and said, “Nervous? NOPE, more like extremely excited. I IN LOVE WITH HIM!!!!!!”

With many talking about practising your moves in front of the mirror before going out all Crop Over, she said, “I don't even know what I was feeling, just was in the moment.

“I'm alwaysssssss wukking up; anywhere, anytime and I don't even need to hear music! I just do whatever feels right at the time.”

Mara is a mother of a cute daughter and Loop asked her how she told her about the experience. “In all honesty, I love it and I talk to my daughter and show her all my videos… She understands it all.”

When she said “all my videos”, Loop quickly asked who else invited her on stage during performances, and she laughed and said, Lil Rick and Stiffy.

Mara Rose admitted that she loves everything about Barbados’ sweetest summer festival. “CROP OVER IS LIFEEEEEE!!!” So we asked her what was a highlight of Crop Over 2017  and what could top this Lyrikal experience, and she laughed and shared, “Stiffy bringing out 'Mavis' was a major [highlight] for me. Hmmm… the only thing that can top this Crop Over experience is if Lyrikal call me up on stage and propose!”

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