Thursday 18 July, 2019

WATCH: Machel and Bunji premiere "Busshead" video

Bunji Garling and Machel Montano on set of the music video for 'Busshead'.

Bunji Garling and Machel Montano on set of the music video for 'Busshead'.

The highly anticipated video for Machel Montano and Bunji Garlin's "Busshead" has finally been released.

The video, which premiered Friday on The FADER, was directed by Jerome Guiot.

The video tells the story of a young man who gets into numerous fights until Machel and Bunji train him to be a stickfighter.

The video, parts of which were shot during Carnival, shows the importance of stickfighting and the role it can play in curbing the aggression of troubled youth. It is a statement by the two veterans of how traditions can& still be relevant in today's society.

Machel told The Fader that: "Practising a martial art, like Kalinda, allows one to channel and transform their energy and aggression into something positive, which promotes discipline, spirituality, and self-actualization."

Bunji noted that the video also speaks to the preservation of the art form through the involvement of the youth.

He told LoopTT: "The intention was to show the story of this youth acting out of anger and rage... that people were there for him to be able step in and help him channel that negative energy into something positive. That untapped raging energy could easily be used as a weapon to take someone's life. Instead, the imagery is that two elder people stepped in and showed him that you could channel that energy into something positive so basically he became an instrument of the art which preserves the art and give the art longevity."

"The more of each generation that gets involved in the martial disciplines, it is a way of preserving what was given to us by ancestors and a way of curbing that negative energy from spiralling out and causing affliction and pain to a lot of families in society," he said.

Machel and Bunji released "Busshead" during Carnival 2017, surprising their fans when they announced they had buried the hatchet and have united.

Check the video and let us know what you think.

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