Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Watch: Mo'nique works up a sweat with Savannah Grass

Mo'Nique and Dance it Off instructor Dwight Holt Jr

Mo'Nique and Dance it Off instructor Dwight Holt Jr

Comedienne and Academy-award winning actress Mo'Nique was once the flagbearer for big girls everywhere.

These days, however, the star is leading the way in encouraging women to take care of their bodies and their health.

Mo'Nique has dropped a lot of weight and is a big proponent of exercising.

One of her favourite ways of burning those pounds is through dance.

Earlier this week, celebrity trainer Dwight Holt Jr posted a video of him and Mo'Nique working up a sweat to none other than the song "Savannah Grass".

"Happiness is contagious and freeing, try it. @therealmoworldwide and i just living." he posted, tagging Kes the Band.


The 2019 Road March runner up in Trinidad and Tobago's Carnival was sung by Kees Dieffenthaller of Kes the Band and is considered one of the biggest songs of the year.

Holt is the creator of Dance Your Pounds Off and, according to his website, counts actresses Amber Riley (Glee) as another one of his star clients.

He credits Mo'Nique for inspiring him to start his dance fitness company.

He said in an interview that Mo'Nique was mimicking his dance moves at a gym in Atlanta where she was filming a movie and after they spoke, he became her trainer.

When Mo’Nique relocated to Atlanta, she hired Holt as her full-time fitness instructor and together, they came up with a program where Mo’Nique danced the pounds off.

Mo’Nique has publicly attributed her significant weight loss to Holt on multiple occasions.


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