Tuesday 14 July, 2020

WATCH: New roundabout near Coverley with Ross Medical University signs

New Ross Medical University roundabout at Coverley

New Ross Medical University roundabout at Coverley

Drivers are making their way around Barbados' newest roundabout along the ABC Highway near The Villages at Coverley.

In a few short weeks the roundabout was constructed completely and by the remarks from drivers who do not frequently traverse the Adams section of the ABC Highway, it seemed as though it appeared overnight.

See the video below for a before and after views of the construction. Loop visited the area on November 22, 2018, and returned December 18, 2018, just a few days shy of a month later to capture the almost finished product.



Since then white rectangular signs bearing the words 'Ross Medical University' have been added on the roundabout.

There is still plenty signage around the roundabout and along the Adams section of the ABC Highway cautioning drivers not to speed, pass or overtake on approaching the new construction. The old entrance to the Villages at Coverley is no longer in use. There is now an exit directly off the roundabout, however, the old exit is still operational at present.

Do you think this roundabout was necessary?

Not yet

Ross Medical University was previously situated in Dominica and there was much debate after its announced relocation to Barbados earlier this year. The announcement was made by the Dominican Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit on August 3, 2018.

Back in August 2018, Prime Minister Mia Mottley was not pleased by the insinuations that Barbados poached Ross Medical University away from its sister island. She commented:

“The hands of the Barbados Government are clean in this matter. Barbados came into the picture only when Ross’ return to Dominica for the start of the January semester in 2019 was not an option This is not, nor has ever been a case, of poaching anyone from Dominica,” she said in a video statement.

She said when her Government was formed, she was approached by Ross and she questioned if all scenarios and options were explored. She said it was only when Dominica was ruled out and two other islands were being considered that Barbados looked at the option of housing the university.

Subsequently, the Housing Minister has called Ross University a saviour as it relates to the Villages project at Coverley.

George Pilgrim, on November 6, 2018, said, "Despite the fact that I thought it was to be 1'123 houses that was [sic] supposed to be built, the developer had to stop because everything went, everything went dormant. Everything went dormant!

"So that Coverley would have been, you could almost say it was a disaster, well it could have been disastrous had not for the intervention of the Ross Medical School."

And in her final year review and six-month update in Parliament last week, December 18, 2018, Prime Minister Mottley assured:

"One of the most significant of course is Ross University, which will bring approximately 1,500 students from January and substantial inflows of cash. These 1,500 students need transport; they need to eat, they need to interact with Barbados business; in short, they are nine-month tourists equivalent to a jump in our tourism by 10% in one year."

Villages at Coverley and the construction of Ross Medical University in Christ Church are under Preconco Limited. 


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