Monday 21 September, 2020

WATCH: Rihanna shares Crop Over plan, supports brother 100 percent

Rihanna and her brother Rorrey

Rihanna and her brother Rorrey

Barbados' Grammy award-winning songstress Robyn 'Rihanna' Fenty will be home for Crop Over 2019.

This is in keeping with her tradition of flying home for the Sweetest Summer Festival Crop Over in Barbados every two years. So the last time she jumped for Crop Over was 2017.

Now she's on the 'Gram', with her brother Rorrey 'Gallest' Fenty telling the world she will be at all big the events which he has a hand in for 2019.


These include the first time event - Zirque, along with Lost In Paradise, and she will be on the road for Grand Kadooment with Aura.

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In the Instagram story video she said:

"So, so, so, breaking News, I'm coming to Barbados for Crop Over this year [2019]."

Her brother Rorrey who, according to him, was behind the scenes 'killing it' in his shades, yelled: "Fuh real?" ... "Wuh we doing, wuh we doing?"

RiRi continues saying: "And we got a bunch uh things we waan do including Zirque, Lost In Paradise and we also got on the rooooooad Aura fuh Crop Ovaaaaa *whoop whoop whoop whoop*"

Rorrey is in the background counting off the things with her and helping her along.

He adds: "Crop Over 2019, we lit."

In the video, both Fentys are wearing black with gold jewellery. Rihanna rocks a bantu knot hairdo and they look like they're standing poolside.

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