Friday 13 December, 2019

WATCH: Saddis moves out the Crop Over music 'friend zone'



There is a belief that once friend-zoned very few ever make it out safely and go on to prosper, but when it comes to the Crop Over 2019 soca field, 'Done wid it' by Saddis is out and making positive waves.


Saddis, real name Reshawn Ince, understood the analogy used by Loop Entertainment completely. Laughing he said, "that is exactly how it feels and it feel real good now, but as you said, it wasn't like that from the start so as I see it starting to pick up, it feels much better now."

With Loop noticing that there are probably a good 20 Crop Over songs by Barbadian artistes that were in heavy rotation going into July while the others, unfortunately, seem to be falling by the wayside despite the hard work of the artistes, producers, songwriters and managers, Saddis has made a breakthrough.

Smiling he said, "I feel wonderful! As you said, it's doing much better now."

Asked how he felt in the beginning, he shared, "When I drop these songs, I'll be honest, I does push and hope for de best. The response I getting now is what I wanted, that is what I was aiming for, but is feel real good. Seeing it now because obviously singing it couple times and I wasn't seeing that response and then getting it [the crowd response] now is feel real amazing; I wouldn't lie at all. I give thanks!"

Loop saw the growth from a handful of people singing 'Mums I done wid dat' at Awaken back in June after Lead Pipe came on stage and told the crowd to "pay attention" to Saddis' big groovy soca that is "soooo sweet"; to seeing a choir of people over the weekend at Bloom by Blue Box Cart singing along.

Loop on Instagram at Bloom, asked our 27K followers 'Do you think this Saddis 2019 song deserves more play?' Two hundred and twenty-seven (227) people or 88 per cent of voters said 'Yes' over the 24-period when the post was active in our IG story.

Saddis did not speak of a recipe for his music and its promotion, but he said, "I just be working real hard."

This year seems to be the year of more relatable messages in soca as well, whether in Barbados or across the region, and in the L&S - Lead Pipe and Saddis camp, with Lead Pipe's track 'Sometimes' and Saddis' 'Done wid it', it seems the same. So we had to ask about the motivation behind the lyrics of 'Done wid it'. 

"Oh Lord!

"Oy woi woi woieee! Oh Lord, oh Lord, oh Lordy.

"I guess you could say some of it true but you done know how you have to spice up lil stories and thing. I would just say that it is a true story from past relationships and not just one."

This led to laughs all around.

In terms of others getting onto the radar of more deejays as well and making it out of that musical 'friend zone', he pleaded, "I beg dem, 'Please play de 2019 songs. Don't be scared!'"

Saddis said that deejays seem to be forgetting that they can make a song big, "just play de songs." He said some deejays seem to get in a zone for their sets and play what the people know. He called on them to get out of that zone because they are leaving people to go on YouTube and learn the songs. So, he reiterated, "Just please go and play 2019 songs."

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