Saturday 15 August, 2020

Watch: Family dispute at funeral in Jamaica brings security forces

Members of the security forces reportedly had to be called to a recent funeral service at a church in Westmoreland, Jamaica, where all hell was about to break loose.

It is reported that a heated dispute between family members over the burial spot was at the centre of the disturbance.

A community member said two graves at two different locations were prepared for the interment of the body.

Reports from the source were that about two weeks ago, pandemonium was in the making in the church after one side of the family insisted that the body was to be buried on family land in Grange Hill, but the plan was strongly resisted by other family members.

The security forces were subsequently called in to keep watch over the proceedings as tempers flared inside the church.

Neither the identity of the deceased nor his eventual resting place was revealed by the source.


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