Monday 13 July, 2020

'We've been at this juncture before': SSA working to contain tyre fire

Smoke over the landfill as seen from Hillaby in St Andrew.

Smoke over the landfill as seen from Hillaby in St Andrew.

The Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) is using tried and tested methods to contain the most recent tyre fire at the Mangrove landfill. 

Speaking to the media, Communications Specialist for the SSA, Carl 'Alff' Padmore assured the public that the fire should be contained today at the St Thomas location.

"We have been at this juncture before and our engineers and the crew at the landfill, we know exactly what to do. It's not a panic situation. The fire is still located to the  north section of where the tyres are stored."

In regard to what is being done currently, he explained:

"The team at the SSA, we are trying to clear a path to go right into the heart of the fire. So we believe that by evening we should have it under control....

"We have private haulers bringing in top soil so that we can contain it."

For the morning, the Barbados Fire Service remained on standby.

With persons vicing concern about the clouds of black smoke, he said there is "no immediate danger" posed by the thick black smoke rising above the land fill. He said that naturally "this is due to the fact that it is tyres burning".

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