Sunday 16 June, 2019

What ‘De rain falling’ means to Bajans

To different Barbadians the phrase ‘De rain falling’ means different things.

If you doubt that, read this article and see.

Here are 10 different sets of people and each one interprets ‘De rain falling’ in a whole different way.

Some people may fall into more than one category though, but when these Bajans say ‘De rain falling,’ here is what they really mean.

1. When kids say it

“Chaaa! We can’t go outside now. Today gonna be so boring in de house. Where de dominoes, cards or Monopoly? Don’t even study de TV cause you done know dem gine say turn it off.”

2. When parents say it

“Get up and close all de house windows ‘fore the rain wet-up everything. Dash outside too and pick up de clothes”, because as long as you hang laundry out to dry in Barbados, the rain will fall.

3. When young women say it

Turn on de mellow moods. Let me play some throwback jams and reminisce.” It’s time to get under the blanket and stream some Love and Basketball or The Best Man or The Wedding Planner or Pretty Woman or just Netflix.

4. When young men say it

“Lord, yuh mean as I done wash de car/truck/jeep. Mind you it was stink all week and no rain. As soon as I done wiping off or polishing, drizzles.”

5. When grandparents say it

“My arthritis was ‘acking’ up whole day, I know dis rain did coming. Where de ben-jees (Bengue’s Balsam)?.”

6. When spouses or girlfriend and boyfriend say it

Cue Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill, ‘Turn your lights down low, oh na na na, and pull your window curtain…”

7. When police say it

Drivers better exercise some caution on these wet roads

8. When fire fighters say it

“No grass fires today! No community disputes because of neighbours ‘burning stuff’. Hip hip hooray!”

9. When students hear it

“Fall hard and fall all night and into the morning. Let de Ministry say school cancelled. Rain don’t stop! Please God. Amen.”

`10. When employees say it

“Oh where oh where is 5:00pm? I just want to be home in my bed now. Dis couldn't fall as I get home?"

So next time you hear a Bajan say “De rain falling” pick sense from nonsense and figure out what they mean. 


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