Saturday 11 July, 2020

WHAT YOU SAID: Back-to-school shopping a huge burden on parents

Loop News recently published an article highlighting the financial woes of some parents who were tackling their back-to-school shopping ahead of the new term.

Those who commented on the Facebook shared their back-to-school shopping bill, with monies spent ranging from $600 to as much as $1,200.

While the price tags varied, there was one common thread echoed among parents- back-to-school shopping is a heavy bill to bear.

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Leta Caesar said: “I have two in primary school and have already hit the $600 mark.”

Asha Virgo:  “I spent $496 on book for my twin girls and they are going into infants B.”

Amanda Eyeopener Lashley: “About 1700 secondary school student.”

While those prices were enough to raise eyebrows, the bill quoted by Victor Jones was a shocker:

“About two thousand (2000) for two boys one in skill training and the other in Secondary school.”

While Shanice Catlyn said she paid “Around $1800 for 2 primary school children”

Some even went so far as to offer necessary tips on how to cut back on the shopping bill.

Sonia Best said: “Just a little advice, I use also for my granddaughter ,start early when no one is getting school supplies start buying and putting them down and trust me it’s won’t be so hard.”

Deborah Ross-Ard suggested that parents make use of what was already available: “Old uniforms still work. A little starch will work.”

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