Sunday 25 August, 2019

What You Said: Bajans offer solutions to ‘yellow sticker’ theft

Barbadians want swift action to address the issue of “yellow sticker thieves”.

This became evident as Bajans reacted to news from the Royal Barbados Police Force that persons have been stealing the yellow stickers issued by the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA), which is placed on vehicle's licence plates.

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Sergeant Seibert Johnson told Loop News that the Force has had a number of calls from persons whose yellow stickers were removed from their vehicles, while warning thieves that this action would not help them to escape the law:

"Stealing that without insurance is a waste of time because you still have to produce the insurance on inspection of a police officer, warden or anyone in authority."

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Many persons took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the current process:

“I predicted this long time;” “Saw that coming from miles away;” “I always knew that the position of those stickers was a bad idea. I am not surprised".

While the majority of the comments were with people expressing their frustration with the situation, some persons offered solutions to the problem.

Some people even went beyond the current issue and sort to suggest how the authorities can safeguard the entire:

“The sticker method is nonsense, the part with the bar code on the inside makes more sense.”

“Should just have different color road tax disk.”

“I wondered how difficult it would be to have created a sticker, colour coded and tamper proof to be stuck on the inside of the car windscreen.”

“Incorporate the yellow sticker in the road tax disk....problem solved.”

“That's just what I was telling people. The sticker should've been on the inside of the vehicle not the outside and also have the license plate number on the sticker as well.”

What is your view on the issue?

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