Tuesday 14 July, 2020

What You Said: Police praised for cutting litterbug’s speed

Scene in Oistins, Christ Church last Friday evening as the gentleman cleaned the area.

Scene in Oistins, Christ Church last Friday evening as the gentleman cleaned the area.

Should litterer’s be fined, imprisoned or made to clean up this island?

We asked you, ‘Do you think more should be done to make people stop littering? What do you think of the officer's actions?’

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In parliament recently the Attorney General Adriel Brathwaite said that he would like to see people who litter coming before the law courts because it is a crime.

But last Friday, when a man was caught in the act, littering in Christ Church, you, the public responded with much praise for a senior officer who took swift action to immediately correct the perpetrator.

In times past, there has been much outcry over the backlog of cases before the courts and the way some officers handled certain situations, but after the officer made the litterbug clean up the public sidewalk where his glass bottle had shattered in Oistins, on Loop’s Facebook page people were calling for more officer’s of his kind to patrol the streets.

The post titled, ‘Punished litterbug holds up bus’ received 283 shares on Facebook over three days and got over 260 reactions along with 59 comments.

Here’s what you said about the incident:

The top comment with 17 likes was ‘You should of put the bottle in your bag instead of throwing out the bus window.....thanks you Officers....’ submitted by Lora Moore.

Then David Gill got 16 likes for his comment of ‘A step in the right direction. Need more enforcements.’

Garnering 14 likes and loves, Alejuandro Tezu stated, ‘Look i commend these officers fah doing this. Bravo. cause things like this causes people to get hurt or even back up the same drainage problem we have throughout the island. If everyone played their part would significantly reduce de garbage in bim.’

Tha Prototype, who praised the police and thanked the Transport Board driver for taking the high road and giving the man an opportunity to right his wrong, got 12 likes. ‘Well done officers. Kudos to the driver for giving him a chance to correct his err and continue his trip.’

Speaking to the officer's actions as well and answering Loop’s question of what more needs to be done to stop littering, Patricia C Alleyne wrote, ‘That was great and commendable of the officers .if only more officers could be on the scenes when these things do happenes and make the litter bugs clean up their mess and give out a forthwith remand for three days .it would come to a halt .’

However, some people called for the law to be upheld and for greater penalties beyond the cleanup.

Angela Belgrave-Sealy - Great move ...People should be charged for littering ...it is horrible ....I see people littering from vehicles every day with little or no regard for anybody ....fast food containers,cups,bottles,they even spit out windows...disgusting...we need more officers like these

Sonia Brathwaite - He should also have taken him to the police station. People should be charged for littering. In some countries you are jailed for this. He could have injured someone.

Wavney Rouse - good,,they really need to stop nastyin up de place.. the trash can right there & they still drop the things pon the ground. make them pay ah fine too.

Meanwhile, someone issued a call for officers to be able to fine litterbugs on the spot.

John Everatt stated, ‘I commend the police for at least making an effort but they should have instructed the driver not to wait for him. Apparently police do not have the equipment to charge a fine for this sort of thing but they should have this.’

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