Tuesday 14 July, 2020

WiPay is the answer to help Bajan small businesses get paid digitally

WiPay is simple to setup.

WiPay is simple to setup.

As many go cashless during this COVID-19 pandemic, the introduction of WiPay Barbados is an e-commerce blessing for micro, small, medium and even large businesses.

Operating at this time calls for companies to be innovative and creative in the delivery of the services, but it also demands a change in the way they collect payments for the products or services provided, and that's where WiPay steps in.

Launched virtually on May 22 because of the lockdowns and social distancing protocols, despite initial plans to host a large launch event in Barbados, WiPay Barbados may have quietly entered the Bajan market, but it intends to make a big impact. 

“COVID-19 has presented a prudent reminder for organizations which have placed too great a focus on daily brick and mortar operational needs at the expense of investing in digital business and long-term resilience. Businesses that can manoeuvre and leverage technological resources and investment to digital platforms will reduce the impact of the pandemic and enable their companies to run smoothly now, and in the long-term” explained WiPay Chief Executive Officer Aldwyn Wayne.

With WiPay, businesses will be able to make and receive payments online "simply".

Focusing on the simplicity of this e-commerce tool, Wayne, during the virtual launch, said that there is no need for an IT background in order to get on board and begin using the service.

Clients can download the WiPay plugin for free and integrate it onto their website. However, with many entrepreneurs in Barbados operating as Instagram-only stores or being a vendor with a physical shop and no online presence, WiPay is working to meet them where they are at as well.

Using the food vendor in Oistins as one example, Wayne said that if a company does not have a website, it can use WiPay's Invoicing Feature and send an invoice to a customer who can then pay with a credit card or with a Top-Up (cash) voucher.

In a country with a seasoned Top-Up culture, WiPay says: “No credit card? No problem." Customers can go to any Approved WiPay Agent location, purchase a WiPay Top-Up Voucher and enter the 12-digit serial number onto the website or add it to the invoice in WiPay's Invoicing feature "and voila…you are paid!” Wayne added.

WiPay Barbados will be rolling out online credit card processing services islandwide immediately and will set up its Barbados offices later in 2020. Next steps are being dictated by the health and safety protocols surround COVID-19 and regional travel. 

The company, however, expects to have introduced its full suite of payment solutions and complete all-island penetration by the end of 2020.

To explore more about WiPay check out the website - wipaycaribbean.com

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