Sunday 5 April, 2020

Witnesses take the stand in murder trial

Four witnesses recalled their encounters at an alleged murder scene as the murder trial of Kason Kemar Edwards commenced in the No.2 Supreme Court yesterday.

Edwards, who was 37 at the time and lived in Gays, St Peter; is accused of killing Jason Shem Antonio Husbands on August 21, 2012, at Lamberts, St Lucy. Husbands, who was 32 and resided in Hope Road, St Lucy, was found dead in the road at Lamberts, St Lucy. His body lay riddled with gunshots next to his blue truck. The police allege that Husbands stopped his van after he saw some rocks and when he got out to move them, he was shot dead.

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Principal Crown Counsel Alliston Seale, who represented the Crown, questioned a number of witnesses yesterday.

One such witness was Hamilton Mcintosh. Mcintosh said that in 2012 he was a postman stationed at the Holetown post office. On August 21, 2012, as he made his way home from work he came upon two rocks in the road at the "s-bend" at Lamberts, St. Lucy. "I din tekking no chances cause at that time postmen motorcycles was getting thief so I accelerate through [the] rocks," the postmen told the court. He said he did not see anyone in the area which is filled with trees.

Evelyn Hinds and Randolph Billy also said they too came upon rocks in the same area and they removed them. Hinds was travelling with his plumber at the time while Billy, who said he worked at Castle Plantation, said he was travelling in the back of the Plantation van with a woman. They also said that they saw no one.

Anwar Springer, another witness, said when he came upon the scene he saw a dead guy and a truck and immediately thought it was a hit and run. Springer, who was travelling in a car with another person, said they turned around. It was then they saw a police jeep approaching as they left. At some point, Springer recalled police coming to his mother's house to question him.

A mother and daughter also recalled how Husbands visited their home in the afternoon of August 21, 2012. Husbands, who was a technician at Courts, fixed a gas leak from a stove the pair possessed. The mother, Hazel Collymore, when asked if the stove had any more problems since being fixed she said - "not to this day".

The case continues tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

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