Friday 19 July, 2019

World record holder dives into charity bid to swim around Barbados

Cameron Bellamy is swimming around Barbados for charity (Image taken from

Cameron Bellamy is swimming around Barbados for charity (Image taken from

It's never been done before, but one brave man is attempting to swim the 100km around the island of Barbados - all in the name of charity.

This weekend, Cameron Bellamy will attempt to break records and be the first man to pass the daunting challenge.

The swim itself is 96 km and will take about 36 hours to complete. And apart from the obvious heat and fatigue, self-confessed adventure lover Cameron will have to battle high seas and strong ocean currents.

But if anyone can do it, Cameron can. The South Africa native recently became the 11th person in history to smash the Oceans7, a collection of the seven hardest open water channel swims in the world.

He also has two Guinness World Records for rowing across the Indian Ocean in 57 days, during which time he and his crew mates rowed tirelessly for 12 hours a day. 

And Cameron is well prepared for his Barbados swim, having started the gruelling training more than a year ago.

As he swims around the island in an anticlockwise direction, Cameron will be constantly escorted by a mother boat, two pilot boats and several kayaks. And there will be a trained medical crew aboard one of the boats for the entire duration.

He starts from Carlisle Bay for the first third of his swim, which will encompass the southern part of the island. The second third will be the north east section and the last third will be down the western side of the island.

And the best part is that Cameron is doing this all for charity. 100% of the funds raised during the Swim Around Barbados will be directed to the Ubunye charity's existing projects in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

But two Barbados charities will also benefit; Brightwater Kids and Variety Club.

The Ubunye Challenge is helping Brightwater Kids to build a stand-up paddle board which can be used by a child affected with cerebral palsy.

Meanwhile, the challenge is helping the Variety Club with a number of projects related to Early Childhood Development and special needs children.

To find out more about the Ubunye Challenge and to donate, click here.

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