Thursday 18 July, 2019

Write for yourself, says Bunji Garlin

Soca artist, Bunji Garlin.

Soca artist, Bunji Garlin.

You can’t go wrong when you write your own lyrics.

A major advocate of this method in the music industry in the Caribbean is Ian ‘Bunji Garlin’ Alvarez.

The Trinidadian lyricist was in Barbados yesterday and spoke to Loop News on the sidelines of the 1Love Concert press launch held at Zen Restaurant, Crane Resort in St. Philip.

Bunji said:

“I am always an advocate for no songwriter should write for an artiste. That’s me!”

However, he said he understood that some artistes may need to seek the services of a songwriter. When this alternative path is chosen, Bunji said that issues can arise unfortunately, hence why he cautions persons to put their own pen to paper.

“I’m always an advocate for that but I respect the domain that I’m in, and fully understand that there are some artistes that are experts at artistry but they may not necessarily be able to put the poetry together, so they have someone to do it and they will in turn translate the story. So I cool with that.

“But I always say the problem with that is, someday some people get burn the bad way. So that’s why I always try my best to advocate for the artistes themselves to be the creators of their own material and their own environment. Be in charge of your own domain so that when you go out there you avoid any injuries that could come.”

His comments came after major controversy hit this week in Barbados where a 2017 release by a Barbadian singer Nikita, penned by a Trinidadian Jason ‘Shaft’ Bishop and produced by a Barbadian duo – De RedBoyz, turned out to be a remake of a 2015 song with the same lyrics sung by UK/Bajan DeeVine and penned by the same writer, Shaft.

Meanwhile, Bunji told persons who are excited about the third edition of 1Love which occurs August 6, 2017, at Concorde Experience that they can expect a lot of new music.

“I’ll be coming plentiful. Tink I ‘ave a few extra tricks up muh sleeve, because at the time of the event I’ll already be releasing new music for a lot of the Carnivals throughout the region, so St. Vincent, Grenada and of course Barbados. So I think we’ll be ‘aving a whole arsenal of new tunes added to de new tunes added to de new tunes, with de new tunes.”

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