Sunday 27 September, 2020

Xhosa Barbados banking on forgiveness for 2018

Xhosa Barbados revellers cross the stage at the National Stadium.

Xhosa Barbados revellers cross the stage at the National Stadium.

Xhosa Barbados is “committed to being better”.

This is the promise of band leader, Jeremy Nicholls.

He gave the commitment at a press conference this morning where he apologised for the disappointing experience had by band members and responded to some of the criticisms about the band's organisation.

Looking at what happened on the road this year, he said that they must regroup and come good to reassure patrons who he hopes will be forgiving and give them a second chance.

“Some people were affected worse than others. Some people will be more forgiving than others. So yes, I do believe there will be some level of fall out, but...people that know Xhosa understand and know that what happened [this year] was not Xhosa.

"So that in itself would say to me that even though right now, in this present moment, they are extremely angry about it... there will be some people that will be forgiving, that will come and give it another try to see that we can maintain the standard that we started out on.”

Xhosa Barbados band leader, Jeremey Nicholls, at this morning's press conference.

Following the slew of complaints on social media, Nicholls said there were apart from logistical challenges, some mishaps occurred that could not have been foreseen.

"We got our trucks lined up and when the ice trailer was on its way, the trailer tipped over. How can you account for something like that?" he said by way of example.

“Personally, I didn’t enjoy it [Kadooment Day] because I saw my people not having a good time. I tried my best to plug the holes that I could with everything going on."

In terms of making amends in the short-term, Xhosa will be planning a free event for masqueraders to give back and show the band's sincere regret about the experience their revellers had.

“We really felt bad about this. I should be celebrating - I worked really, really hard. My team worked every day to try to get this right. So for us to get to the end and you win all of the prizes but then you have this subset of people who ended up being affected by these things - we feel bad as well.”

In addition, he also said that they are looking into creating a loyalty coupon to encourage persons to come back next year.

Xhosa Barbados was awarded the top prize for Large Band of the Year, Best Party Band and Most Colourful Large Band in the Grand Kadooment competition.

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