Tuesday 24 November, 2020

Year in Review: Top 5 Loop listicles in 2019

Everybody knows Loop for its listicles.

In the year 2019, you read, laughed at and shared all of our listicles, but here were the top five performers:

1. 10 Places of fun gone from Barbados' landscape

With Little Caesars popping up, it's funny that the best performing 2019 listicle was one about places that no longer exist in Barbados. Maybe we should do a listicle about 10 brands Bajans want to see come ashore!

2. Shock a Bajan - get one of these 10 reactions

When 11.59 pm struck on December 31, 2019, many uh Bajan reacted this way when they realised that Rihanna had tricked them about getting her R9 album before the turn of the decade. Many people reacted with the number two reaction.

3. 7 Things that get Bajans out the house when it's raining

No Bajan says, "Yessss it's raining, let's go..." Neither will you hear "It raining but we can go do something outside", unless money or children or food are involved. In fact, here are the exact seven reasons why Bajans would venture out into the rain. 

4. 10 songs a Bajan will never grow tired of hearing

There are classics and then there are Bajan classics. What is your favourite?

5. Red flag! 8 ways Bajans issue warnings

If a Bajan tell you that they not feeling to do something or to go somewhere, do not push it. If he or she says "My mind ain't to that yuh know", leave it out. People around the globe yell "red flag" or they say they have a gut feeling, Bajans mean the same thing, but as usual, we say it differently.

Happy 2020!

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