Tuesday 31 March, 2020

Young People in Business: Dré DeCarlo speaks fashion

Fashion is what Dré DeCarlo is passionate about and he brings his passion to the fore when he puts his thoughts into words and blogs for the World.

As cliché as it may sound, Barbadian fashion stylist and writer Dré DeCarlo lives by the mantra ‘Be yourself!’

The 25-year-old took a leap of faith, quitted college and created his own blog, instead of pursuing the degree and finding a job as many other Bajans have done.

Real name André, the fashion blogger just shortened his Christian name and used his middle name as his surname and hasn’t looked back since.

Stating, “I am my business” the freelancer told Loop how he got started.

“I was always intensely passionate about fashion. I remember being a kid and going through my mom's fashion magazine collection and being captivated by the imagery and knowing that that's exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to create imagery like those I saw in Vogue, Ebony and Harper's Bazaar. Plus, when I found out my dad was a model, it all made sense. I have a sister who adores fashion design. My mother loves interior decorating. It's just in my blood to want to make things beautiful, I guess, and that's what has kept me going - that desire.”

First putting his thoughts out there back in 2007 when he was in college, Dré DeCarlo said, “The support was great, from most people. The industry can be a cutthroat place, so where some supported like Graham Edwards of Gadal Models, others tried to drown me out. Outside of the industry? Great response!”

That’s blogging about fashion and style for practically a decade, so Loop asked him about any other challenges that he has overcome through the 10 years.

He said:

“Finding validation from others within the industry. I was the first fashion blogger. Now I realize, no matter what, that can't be taken from me. Secondly, struggling to realize self-validation and third, betrayal.” 

Shaking his head as he reflected, Dré DeCarlo’s face transformed though when he spoke about the highlights achieved.

“Ummm…being on a styling team for Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and  attending and working at London Fashion Week while I was doing a fashion internship in London.”

In Barbados where it is still heavily a doctor, lawyer, bank manager outlook on career choices, Loop asked Dré DeCarlo if he ever thought that he would get to follow his desire.

“I was always unconventional. I cared about my grades. But I was hell-bent on a career in fashion after school. So finding a job wasn't really my main focus. However, creating one was. I eventually dropped out of college to pursue my career. I don't regret it. But I would never suggest to someone to just drop out of school. Stay there. Figure out how to multitask. That's a better move.”

The past student of the Deighton Griffith Secondary School says that he continues to stand apart from the rest of the crowd and the competition easily. “I don't copy,” he stressed.

Asked if he any other advice for persons seeking a path similar to his, he said, “Grab life by the horns. Nothing is entitled to you nor will time wait for you. So if you are passionate about anything, just do it. Figure it out and just go for it. Research research, research. Knowledge is power. Know what you want exactly and how to go after it.”

Instagram: @dredecarlo

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/dredecarlopage/


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