Sunday 29 March, 2020

Young People in Business: KeVon Hall pays the bills with art

Whoever said that art doesn’t make money and it should only be a hobby in Barbados, has never met Kevon Hall.

The 27-year-old is defying the myth surrounding art as a profession for his young counterparts.

“Sales so far as a young entrepreneur have been very good. My art is well received. Majority of my sales come from high-end clients, companies and event holders. These places include Limegrove Lifestyle Centre, and Elevate Suit and Tie New Year’s event, as well as some local restaurants.” 

His artist name to the public is Von Hall and he attended the Belmont Primary School, the Ellerslie Secondary School and then went on to study at the Barbados Community College (BCC).

Funny enough, of all his pieces portraits which he only started in the latter years of his career, after finishing college are now his main work.

Asked, ‘Did you ever think you could make a living through your art?’ he said:

“Art has been my only job since Ellerslie Secondary School. Art has paid my way through college and adulthood, even my new studio space and resources.”

Brilliantly Von is combining entrepreneurship with his art, offering business cards and portraits as gifts and framed portraits etc. but he had some help shaping his package and honing his business acumen.

“As someone who is very passionate, I hold art as my stronghold to get me through life. Being an entrepreneur was essentially the number one way of making a living through art. 

“Attending entrepreneurial class through the P.I.T.C.H programme hosted by CIDA, I increased my ways of moving forward.”

So what kind of response has been receiving, with a smile he shared that “Due to social media and face to face conversations with clients and art lovers, people see my product as international, of good esthetic quality and worth having.”

Loop first caught wind of Von Hall when we stumbled upon a portrait of Bajan Grammy-award winner Rihanna with his tag done back in October.

Von said:

“I personally love Rihanna, not only is she our very own to be proud of, but it’s also my way of keeping it 246!”

Chatting about the portrait which is very colourful, he said, “The paint is called Riri and I was motivated through her success and hard work as a young artist. It was my way of showing tribute to the young superstar.”

But then through research and exploration we found out saw in a video from two years ago that he did a graphic of Rihanna with her red hair, so his love for RiRi is not new.

Talking us through his computer generated image, he said, “Other than the traditional way of painting which my earlier works feature, these latest pieces have migrated to digital media using Photoshop and a graphic drawing pen and pad.

“Similar to paint and canvas, my approach through digital has been the same. I use my knowledge and techniques through acrylic paints and try to mimic that same effect through digital media.

“The mind and the vision of my brush strokes remains the same so much so that people often tend to question if my canvas work is digital and vice versa. I have reached a place in my work where I can achieve clean quality on both spectrums.” 

Many artists can’t pick but we still asked Von what’s his favorite and most challenging portrait.

“My favorite portrait is my creation of the lovely Winnie Harlow. The reason is simple, because I was able to achieve the same brush-like quality that I would if it was done on canvas. I use my Fine Arts as the driving force to produce the aesthetic I'm hoping for.” 

A lot of his work has natural hair or natural hair styles, a feature found very interesting, and he said that it is not by chance.

Speaking assertively, he said, “Yes, natural hair is a very deliberate choice in my work. The reason is because it evokes a texture that is beautiful to mimic or express and this kind of visual will definitely bring life to the painting.”

Not displayed in any galleries on island, it’s not hard to imagine what Von’s art would look like in homes, offices and restaurants because he ingeniously created virtual spaces.

Laughing he said, “I know it lets the person see the art as it would hang. This way of advertising my art is my way of showcasing its features in a household, hotel or lounge setting. It also highlights the beauty that art can contribute to a space and encourages clients to come to me so I can provide them with that look.”

With a plan to export his art international and etch his name in minds as a great representation of art from Barbados, Von is hosting a five-week certified adult art classes to get others into the habit of expressing through art as well.

Facebook: Von Arts

Instagram: Von.Hall


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