Sunday 9 August, 2020

Your vehicles will be towed, warn police

Police are warning motorists not to park "within a mile radius of Kensington Oval".

Word of this comes from Sergeant Seibert Johnson of the Royal Barbados Police Force's Traffic Division. 

He outlined the areas included in that one-mile stipulation:

"That's down the area of the Spring Garden Highway, across Brighton, along Black Rock Road, Bank Hall Road, Eagle Hall, down Barbarees Hill in to the City and that immediate area."

Stressing that motorists sometimes restrict access to areas when they park their vehicles for hours in an area and even remove cones placed by police to do so, he warned drivers against this.

"People tend to leave their vehicles in those areas and just go to cricket and sometimes cause problems. So vehicles parked in those areas will be parked illegally and they will be towed.

"We have cones in place and signs, and tend to move cones and signs and park their vehicles, if that is done we are going to tow the vehicles at their expense.

"Persons must adhere to road regulations and road signs!"

The West Indies will faceoff against England in the final ODI of a three-match series from 9:30 am today.


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