Monday 15 October, 2018

Youth urged to use their voice on Election Day

Kemar Saffrey.

Kemar Saffrey.

Kemar Saffrey, President of the Vagrants and Homeless Society (BVHS), has made an appeal to young voters to ensure they are a part of the democratic process come May 24.  

Speaking to Loop News in an interview, Saffrey said many young persons have expressed an apathetic attitude toward the upcoming election.  

He said the 'Vote Barbados' campaign was conceptualized especially for this reason- to encourage the young electorate to go out and vote.  

"This is a very important election in the history of Barbados and when we take a look at the issues that we face economically, people not being able to pay bills, people becoming jobless, we need to make that sound decision as citizens to go out and vote." 

Saffrey said those young people who believe "they don’t have a voice or that the election is not affecting them", they are gravely misinformed.  

"We have to look at how it [election] will affect us, how it will affect our families and our children. We need to get out there and vote and make our mark on the 24th... not to be voiceless in this election but to be the voice of this election as young people." 

He said the appeal reaches to those "boys on the block" and others who were unemployed and going through difficult financial times. Saffrey stressed "your vote is your voice".  

"In order for this country to move forward you need to go out and let your voice be heard by going out and placing your 'X' on the 24th of this month." 


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