Tuesday 25 February, 2020

Young People In Business: Gabrielle shines in the spotlight

Gabrielle Davida Gay talks business and community in this edition of Young People In Business.

Gabrielle Davida Gay talks business and community in this edition of Young People In Business.

You may know a Jack or Jane of many trades, but Gabrielle Davida Gay is uniquely a master of many fields.

Entrepreneurship, television and event hosting, law, as well as philanthropy - all areas in which Gabrielle Davida Gay intends to leave her mark.

This young woman believes in being and feeling your best. This is why she has ventured into a business that helps women take care of their external beauty. 

She launched EleganceDAVID in 2012 to supply those seeking "Luxury raw virgin hair extensions and accessories":

"Taking care of yourself internally and externally is the key to happiness in life, and I believe that as much as possible, women should not be afraid to treat themselves to something nice on occasion...

"What sets it apart is that we provide authentic virgin raw hair -no gimmicks - along with pristine customer service and care. Every single lady is treated like the Queen that she is, and is provided with awesome hair to compliment that! "

External beauty is by far not her only focus. Rather this young woman has combined her talent, intellect and charm to be a business in herself.

She explained how being in the public eye from a child led her to television and event hosting - two of the other activities that keep her busy on her toes at events such as Honey Jam, Girlfriends Expo, Pages Book Store Book Club, BimHAUS  and Art X Soul Barbados:

"I’ve always been in the media and public speaking from a very young age.

"By age 10 years old, I was a regular caller, voicing logical and intelligent opinion on the Voice of Barbados Call In Programme ‘Thomas on Thursday’ hosted by Thomas “Tom” Fields, where I was fondly known as ‘Tom’s Gabby’, thus later being honoured as the “Outstanding Child of the Year”; on V.O.B. 92.9 FM. "

"I also was active in church activities at this young age, preaching at various churches throughout the island in my younger years,  and singing with my church’s Hosanna Chorale and President of the Debate Society at school, to name a few." 

That drive to engage in debate and discussion on social issues stemmed from a desire to see justice served in the live's of others and she will soon be able to do this from through the legal system, as she is in her second year of law at the  University of the West Indies:

"I've always had a strong sense of morality. None of us are perfect –Im certainly not, but I believe in justice, and have always been invested in the procurement of such. From defending my friends against bullies to defending myself or animals against abuse etc, it has always been a part of who I am.

"Additionally, being a voracious reader created the perfect cocktail ingredients for the pursuit of Law as my profession. I see the profession as a vehicle for change, and simply a way to serve the public by interpreting legal principles and providing remedies for those who have been wronged."

That desire to help others combined with her love for reading led to the Gabrielle Gay Trophy for Excellence in Reading, which has been given to Class 4 graduands at their 11 Plus Graduation ceremonies for over a decade. She explained how it has transformed over the years:

"Armed with my mother’s blessing, meager savings, my allowance - and the gusto of an energetic 14-year-old – I started the humble project in 2005.

"It began modestly with five primary schools and has since expanded to over thirty schools islandwide: Seventh Day Adventist, St. Gabriel’s Primary, Alfalah Primary, The Rock Christian Primary, St. Cyprians Primary, Gordon Walters Primary, Vauxhall Primary, St. Angelas Primary and St. Winifred’s Girls School just to name a few.

"Since then, due to hard work, support of family, businesses, friends and unrelenting determination to acquire the oft scarce sponsorship, it has now been over a decade that this wonderful project has existed. It gives me great joy to see the children’s face alight with pride and happiness when receiving the trophy, as well as how proud their parents are as well!"

Gabrielle has big hopes for the charity in the future, which persons can get in contact with through the email ggreadingtrophy246@gmail.com:

"I am hoping with God’s help and the support of corporate Barbados and any individuals who wish to assist, to have the trophy be island wide in every primary school across Barbados."

She also has some words of wisdom for budding entrepreneurs and dreamers across the island:

"I encourage young persons like myself to never be afraid to pursue their dreams, respect their fellow man and to take care of themselves : intellectually, physically, spiritually and emotionally. You only have one Life, so make the utmost best of it!"

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