Saturday 26 September, 2020

Yuh know yuh at de beach wid a Bajan old soul when...

West coast chilling

West coast chilling

There are some things that tell you whether or not you are venturing to the beach with a Bajan who has an old soul or not.

Firstly, if you are not just going to the sea or to the beach but going and get a dip or a seabath and you have on your ‘bathsuit’ or ‘swim trunks’, you already got old soul tendencies.

These 12 things are reminiscent of grandparents, but in truth, sometimes you will notice some young or middle-aged person who was probably raised by his or her grandparents do the same when they going to get a lil dip.

1. Walk with fruit to eat the sea. Usually it’s an orange, tangerine, apple, mango, ackees or dunks.

2. They carry ‘snocone’ money. They always plan for the treat after the sea.

3. They carry pet bottles to carry home seas water.

4. They take a rock from the beach, a fair-sized rock stone to rub their heels at night and exfoliate.

5. They talk to evuhbody in their near vicinity in the water. By de time they leave they have three new friends and evuhbody hollering ‘Get in good!’

6. They count when they enter the water and have to work up the nerve to go under the cold water.

7. They have beach friends. They don’t know these people from Adam but as soon as they land at the sea it is a chorus of “Sweet girl we over hay. Put yuh tings by mine dey pun de sand.”

8. They tell children who they brought and even those who gravitated towards their brew, ‘Don’t past me! I ain cay if you can swim or not, de sea aint got nuh backdoor.”

9. They tell you to swim left to right and back, not out to sea and back to the shore. “I ain able fuh swim out dey after you.”

10. They are very weary of children playing in the sea, especially with a ball or a flotation device. “If you can’t stand up, leff it. Yuh could buy back anedda one but I can’t get back neither one uh you soul.”

11. They expect you to be hungry after and besides the fruit and snocone you can expect a snack of some kind for sure.

12. If there is a tree on the sand, you may see them put their tacklings in a bag and tie it onto the tree. This is especially seen at Miami Beach.

What else screams you are with an old soul while at the beach?

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