Tuesday 13 November, 2018

Zane Maloney speeding to the top of F4

Zane Maloney may only be 14-years-old but he is speeding ahead in his career to becoming a professional racecar driver.

Moving from carting to the Formula-4 (F4) rally car, Zane is rising to each new challenge and making the difficult tasks look like a piece of cake as he constantly shaves seconds off his lap times with each drive.

Speaking to Loop ahead of his races during tomorrow’s one-day Barbados Festival of Speed at Bushy Park circuit in St. Philip, he said he is confident. Asked about his preparation, he said that he has had been practicing in the F4 and getting a lot of seat-time this week prior to the big day.

His best lap time to date is 1:02:40 and he keeps dropping his time every time, every lap. His hope is to successfully get into the 1:01s because the radicals which he will be taking on tomorrow are usually a second or two faster than the F4 car.

In terms of having the opportunity to take part in the second edition of the Festival, he called it “amazing” to get to drive against a Former World Champion Jenson Button. “It’s just a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m just grateful.”

The Lockerbie College student said that Button was an inspiration when he was in F1, because he was great. “He just goes for everything. He doesn’t hold back!”

Next up for Zane is possibly Juniors in Europe or maybe Seniors, and then in 2019, driving the F4 professionally, maybe.

Inspired by Lewis Hamilton as well, Zane is living the dream in the eyes of some of his counterparts and other competitors in his age range around the world as he has met his idol in person. “I’ve met him a few times, and to meet your idol is nice.” LH headlined the first Festival of Speed in Barbados in 2016, and having looked up to him since the age of three, Zane said that it’s cool knowing that such a great driver is from the neighbouring island of Grenada and that he loves Barbados.

To younger children, and other teens who may now be seeing motorsport as a viable option for the future, Zane told them to ask their parents to let them try carting at Bushy Park. Get in a car start, get a feel for it, try it, get better and better and go from there, he advised.