American rapper Kanye West (centre) with reggae icon Buju Banton (right) and Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke at Banton's Gargamel studio in Jamaica.

Kanye West is in the recording studio with Buju Banton. The controversial American rapper on Friday (September 18) tweeteda photo of himself with thereggae starat Banton's Gargamel studio in Kingston. West is picturednext to Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Kareem “Biggs” Burke as Banton appears to makea point in discussion with the hip-hop bigwigs. Westcaptioned the photo,"GREATNESS IN THE MAKING", indicatinga possible collaboration between the rap superstar and the reggae icon. In just over 24 hours the tweet has amassed 62.4K likes and over 6,100 retweets and comments. Some persons commented about the fact that none of the three men photographed wore a face mask. On September 18, Jamaica recorded an additional fourCOVID-19 related deaths and 197new cases have been recorded across Jamaicain the last 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health and Wellness. The deceased are an80 year old male of a Kingston andSt Andrew address; an 83 year old female of a St Mary address; an 81 year old female of a Kingston andSt Andrew address and a67 year old female of a Clarendon address. One of the cases was previously under investigation, the ministry said. The latest fatalities bring thedeathtoll fromthe coronavirus in Jamaica to 55. The 197new confirmed COVID-19 cases over the last 24 hours bringthe total number cases on record for the island to 4,571. Recoveries increased by 39, bringing total recoveries to 1,264. West held a pop up'Sunday Service'in Jamaicalast October, reportedly shelling out US$1 million to host the concert at Emancipation Park in New Kingston.

Photos via Josh Butler's Facebook page

Josh ‘White Chocolate’ Butler has been in the hot seat since he claimed to have paved the way for black people to make wining a profession. The caucasianfrom the UK had been embraced in Saint Lucia for his dancing prior to his comments on a YouTube Black Lives MatterRound Tablethis week. Persons from across the Caribbean have since expressed their anger towards Butler’s statement with many electing to ‘cancel’ him from our culture, but the plot thickens from there. [related node_id='07fe9f59-b54c-47f2-9239-62247b00b3ec'] Yesterday (September 17),Fiona Compton went live onInstagram account @knowyourcaribbeanto speak on an incident involving White Chocolate and former StLucian designer, Kimberly Solana Mathurin, also known as 8ttava. It was alleged that White Chocolate stole the t-shirt design 'I’m only here for the Dennery Segment'from8ttava and sold it as his own and that when the designer came out publicly with proof that White Chocolate stole her work, the StLucian public turned on her. “She spoke to him personally about it and he ignored her. She spoke to his StLucian friends about it and they did nothing. When she came out publicly with the time stamp on her photograph, to say hey I'm the designer of the shirt, St Lucians ripped her to shreds. Our own people. They said she was jealous, that she should be thankful that he’s wearing her design, they ripped her to shreds. She stopped designing, she gave up and he continued wearing and selling the shirts,” Compton said. She went on to say that White Chocolate has been telling people he is from StLucia but was born and raised in England. “White Chocolate has had a StLucian girlfriend, telling people he is from Dennery. I think all of us collectively are responsible. We cannot say that it’s White Chocolate’s fault. He wouldn’t have a platform if we didn’t give it to him,” said Compton. View this post on Instagram A post shared by 🇱🇨Fiona Compton 🇱🇨 (@fiona758) on Sep 18, 2020 at 4:57am PDT 8ttava has since released a statement on the incident saying, "I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone. I haven’t created art or jewelry for years since the situation and I probably never will again so this is not about me trying to get back into the race ya’ll; “mwen las”. However, I want to say thank you at least one more time to the people who supported me from day one and for those who stood up for me during “T-Shirt Gate.” Read the full statement below: An effortto reach Butler for comment on the matter was futile up to news time today (September 18).

Disclaimer: Thisarticle provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. Hot days may be great for some but it can spell trouble for eczema sufferers as the dry air and increased temperatures can take a toll on your skin often causing a vicious flare-up. The hot air can easily irritate and dry out your epidermis, resulting in sensitive skin that’s more prone to redness, flaking and inflammation. Hence, it is important to take care of your eczema-prone skin in hot weather. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the weather while preventing a flare-up. Stay hydrated Dehydration is not good news for any of your bodily functions including your skin. Drinking plenty of water helps flush toxins from your body. If you do not consume an adequate supply of water, these toxins will linger which can upset and irritate your delicate skin. Also keep in mind you will be more prone to sweating on a hot day which can cause you to lose valuable electrolytes such as zinc and vitamin D, which are crucial for the health of your skin. Try to keep a bottle of water on you at all times and, if you are going to be drinking alcohol, always order water so you can keep yourself hydrated. Avoid going outside at certain times Schedule your activities in the early mornings or late evenings when the sun isn’t hot. Going out between 10am and 3pm when the sun is at its peak will expose your skin to UV radiation and sunburn. Moisturize your skin Skin that’s dry and prone to cracking and flaking, such as eczema-prone skin, needs plenty of hydration and one way you can do that is by picking an ultra-nourishing moisturizer and applying it to your skin throughout the day.Opt for organic moisturizers such as aloe vera gel, coconut oil or Aveeno moisturizing lotion that are completely free from artificial fragrances and chemicals. Wear loose clothing Tight clothing can agitate your skin so its important to wear loose clothing on a hot day. Tight clothing can sometimes increase your body temperature, making you more prone to flare-ups. Instead, wear breathable fabrics and avoid dark colors and synthetic material – not only will synthetic material irritate your skin, dark clothing can also attract more sunlight making you more susceptible to UV radiation. Keep your skin cool Keep your skin cool to prevent irritation and inflammation. You can store your lotions and gels for your skin in the fridge so they are cool when applied to your skin. You can also make your own cold compress using a towel dipped in cool water, or infused with cucumber, to help ease any itchiness or discomfort – just make sure you don’t apply this compress to broken skin. Choose a natural or organic sunscreen If you are going to be in the sun, ensure you apply sunscreen to protect your skin against UV radiation. However, just like your moisturizer, the type of sunscreen you choose can go a long way towards influencing your symptoms. Some sunscreens can contain harmful ingredients that could potentially upset your skin as well as your endocrine system, with chemicals like oxybenzone being particular culprits to watch out for. Neutrogena SPF 60 Sensitive Skin Sunscreen Lotion and Aveeno Continuous Protection Sensitive Skin Baby Sunscreen are among some of the best sunscreens for eczema prone skin. In cases where you do experience an eczema flare-up, here are a few natural remedies to help ease up your symptoms. -Take an oatmeal bath -Add apple cider vinegar to your warm bath water -Apply virgin coconut oil or eucalyptus essential oil or tea tree oil (ensure you dilute both before applying) or sunflower oil to skin -Aloe vera can be applied to help soothe and heal skin - Use calendula cream or oil on the skin

Logo for the staycation and party event called Liv The Weekend

A brand new fetingexperience is on the cardsfor Bajansin October. An all-inclusive party and staycation package program calledLiv The Weekendis set for next month.With a starting price of around $596 BBD, many people will get to enjoy what has been billed as "the ultimate weekend getaway experience" from October 16 to 18. Promoters, Nouvelle Vie, have teamed with the Ocean Group of Hotels to give Bajans an exciting mix of the staycation experience mixed with various parties and events all with the proper adherence to COVID-19 rules and regulations. Speaking at a press conference held at Ocean Two Resort, Marketing and Communications Officer for Nouvelle Vie, De Carla Applewhaite, says Bajans can look forward to something new and exciting with this venture. [image_gallery] "We (Bajans) say we live where you vacation all the time but do we always get to enjoy it? I think we are all tired of looking at the same walls and we need a vacation. SoLiv The Weekendhas taken the whole concept of the weekend getaway and allowed Bajans to come to a fantastic resort with great entertainment and relaxation. It revolutionizes the whole concept of the event tourism marketplace," De Carla Applewhaite said. The experience is described as an adults-only weekend with a combination of luxury accommodations, sea, sun, sand, fun activities, and a party vibe, hosted at the exclusive Ocean Two Resort in St. Lawrence Gap. Producer ofLiv The Weekend, Orlando Newton says that the event originally was set for next year but believes the market is more than ready for such an innovative idea at present. "Liv is all about an experience. . . . The present pandemic has made this event come to fruition even faster than we had first planned. This event was planned for 2021, we think that our community and marketplace is ready for this event and we are hoping to grow it into Liv Weekend or Liv Week within the next three years," Newton said. With an expected occupancy of over 300 people for the weekend, the event hopes to reinvigorate the party and tourism scene in a way that is needed at this time.

General Manager and CEO of the Ocean Hotels Group Patricia Alfonso-Dass

The General Manager of the Ocean Hotels Group is optimistic that there are better times ahead for the tourism sector in 2021. Patricia Alfonso-Dass spoke toLoop Newsthis weekafter the launch ofLiv The Weekend, an event which will see near 300 locals take part in a weekend of parties and events at the Ocean Two Resort. It is to be heldin October. The Ocean Hotels Group General Manager spoke about the process of reopening amidstthe COVID-19 global pandemic and how the health and safety of staff and guests aretheir main concerns. "The most important thing with respect to reopening is the health and safety of our team members and our guests...So on reopening, and over the course of time we've been closed, a tremendous amount of focus has been put on working with the Government and the Health authorities," Patricia Alphonso-Dass said. Dass, who also chairs the health subcommittee of the National Tourism Recovery Taskforce, said that they made a stern effort to work diligently to make sure that protocols used by all hotels were not only safe but also workable. She says that at current they are still faced with lower than expected occupancy and have seen around 30 per cent since reopening. "The biggest challenges obviously when you are reopening are your numbers...We've opted to open with occupancies lower than what we would like but what we've seen is since we have been open is a positive spinoff in terms of bookings coming in. People having confidence that they can come and stay safely and that is pushing business moving forward," Dass said. [image_gallery] But she says that they are looking ahead towards 2021, with numbers projected to pick up in terms of bookings and as a result, they have begun major construction to expand Ocean Two Hotel next year. "As we look forward to the winter with the increase in service and flights out of the UK for example, we are starting to see our forward bookings pick up and to be honest, 2021 isn't looking too bad. So assuming and hoping that things remain the same that's a positive sign but we all know the one challenging thing with this disease is how quickly things can change," Dass stated. The Ocean Group of Hotels consists of South Beach Hotel, Sea Breeze Hoteland The Ocean Two Hotel.

Salvation Army Division Youth and Candidate Secretary Monesha Broome, her husband and Pastor for Speightstown and Diamond Corner Dwayne Broome and Advisory Board Chairman for the Salvation Army (Barbados) Paul Berstein chatting at the Back-to-School presser.

There should be no doubt in the minds of sponsors and donors to the Salvation Armywhen they give contributions. It is guaranteed that their monies or items will be passed on to recipients whose needs have been researched and confirmed. [related node_id='19b2bc73-5383-4a24-90d4-ecced7659d36'] Assuring the public that the recipients are vetted truly, was the Advisory Board Chairman for the Salvation Army (Barbados), Paul Bernstein. He gave the assurance before making an earnest appeal for donations of clothes. "I can assure you that the Salvation Army has a Board to make sure that the recipients are people who are vulnerable, people who are in need." He was at the time speaking to members of the media and representatives from CIBC FirstCaribbean and Abed's at the presentation of items for the Salvation Army Back-to-School Give Back Programme 2020 on Wednesday (September 16). In his brief remarks, he told the two sponsors: "We really appreciate this and particularly at this time, but at any time, what y'all have been doing to help us." Then heissuedan appeal on behalf of the Army and its numerous clients who are worthy of their donations. "Let me just make an appeal to the public of Barbados that at this present moment we are in dire need of clothing , so if the public of Barbados is hearing me, we need to get any used clothing - could be shirts, pants, shoes, socks, once it is something that could be wornagain. "The demand is very, very great and as you know we continue to feed a lot of people and we are always on the lookout for sponsors." And he reiterated: "I'm hoping that even though it's a tough economic year for the business community, they know that by giving us, it is being channeled down to the right [persons], to people that are vulnerable and people that are in need."