Monday 26 October, 2020

Crop Over: 6 dynamite riddims blowing up in Barbados

Riddims are taking over the Crop Over party scene in Barbados.

The days of each song having its own beat seem to be long gone as producers drop riddims, but artistes are riding them with more and more precision, flare and personal style annually.

Nowadays a group of artistes may share a beat but it seems that each person is rising to an unwritten challenge of stamping their personality and personal touches all over their track, so much so, that there is always that one track or two that outshines the competition. However, due to sharing a riddim, newer artistes and less well-known singers are gaining some spotlight and airtime too. So riddims have their ups, downs and overall wins in our mind.

Here are six riddims that Loop have on repeat or should we be corny and say 'Loop has these 6 on loop'?! 

1. V Neck Riddim

Lil Rick destroyed the kennel with this massive creation. This actually has at least five big tracks on this one riddim and three of them qualified for the 2019 International Bashment Soca competition with one placing third and the other claiming the crown. 

For Crop Over 2019, Lil Rick you did well. Good perormance, So productive! #Notimefornomediocre

2. Thundabolt Riddim

Sizz is a quiet deejay but when he plays a set the audience can quickly recognise his musical expertise and knowledge as he selects the unusual and mixes tracks that make people go "Woah! I didn't see that coming next!" Who does that well, well, well? Sizz does that!

On this riddim, there are two breakaway tracks.

3. Choco Stick Riddim

Darien Bailey for Decibel Productions has contributed to Crop Over 2019 with a gem. This riddim toes the line between bashment/power and groovy soca. It has all the elements to get forward in a fete and still have waists swaying and rolling, if not bubbling. This riddim would hold yuh in a fete.

4. Bubble Trouble 

From the time you hear 'Here comes Bubbles...' you can't help but to move! #punintended #getit

[Disclaimer: There is no one link to this entire riddim on YouTube. We are not being bias because this track is dibby x 2. Please search out the other tracks on this riddim]

5. Tropical Gas Riddim

Want to hear annother side of Mole? Spend a moment with this riddim. This is a wining riddim, in fact four of the six songs on this riddim produced by Bass Ink, mixed and mastered by Andrew Denny, have the word 'wine' in the title. 

6. Wild Flower Riddim

Talk about putting in the work. The mastermind behind this riddim is not a 'sometime' hardworking deejay, Justin 'Jus-Jay' King not only produced, recorded and wrote at Steel Garden Studio Barbados for this riddim, but he provided the background vocals on some of the tracks too. This riddim was mixed and mastered by Precision Productions.

What's your favourite?

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