Thursday 29 October, 2020

Lil Rick speaks on 'war' between Marzville and SK

On one of the biggest platforms for the Crop Over season, Ricky 'Lil Rick' Reid chose to try to bring peace, love and harmony back between two local soca artistes.

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Lil Rick led off the first-ever Soca Monarch at the new Botanical Gardens venue and he touched on a topic that many were shunning.

As he sang 'Jam Down' to defend his title, in his piccong, Lil Rick told the crowd, "If you want the war done that between Marzville and SK, put hands in the air!"

And the crowd that was gathered there in the early hours of the calypso competition responded with raised hands and umbrellas aplenty.

Marzville is on bail. He returns to court in November.

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