Sunday 12 July, 2020

Heat wave crazy? 7 Things heat would make you do

Heat can change people.

The most mild-mannered Dr. Jekyll in these times of high temperatures and little wind can transform into Mr. Hyde.

People have been changing their habits as the temperatures climb.

Loop is sure you've seen people who “hate water” gulping down water by the gallon as temperatures pass 30-degrees Celsius.

So, what else is this heat making people do?

1. Install air conditioning

So many people are checking out the prices of air condition units for their homes and offices or looking to regas their vehicle air conditioning system.

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2.Chill out in stores with ac or in the cold storage section of the supermarket

Air-conditioned buildings come like castles. They are the things of dreams come true. 

3. Work longer hours 

Absenteeism? What’s that now with this heat? Employees can’t wait to be in the air-conditioned office during the heat so they may be there earlier or later beyond regular work hours.

4. Use more than one fan

Celebrities are not the only ones with fans these days. People can be seen sitting with two and three fans in one room, and all are turned on to the highest speed.

5. Start ice and water wars like a Heat Hulk

a) Have you found yourself quarrelling with anyone who puts back the ice tray in the freezer empty?

b) Have you had it out with anyone for drinking “your water”?

c) Have you tripped out on a child who begged, “I want water please, please. I thirsty thirsty,” and then only took two sips of the cold water before throwing the rest down the sink?

d) Have you yelled, “Fill back up that water bottle!”?

If you answered ‘yes’ to more than two of these four questions above, then you my friend need Heat Anger Management. Seek cool counselling in the nearest supermarket fruit and vegetable section.

6. Buy ice from the gas station

The ice trays in the house cannot make ice fast enough for the whole house.

WARNING: Do NOT take out four ice blocks, drink off the liquid and put the cup with ice in the sink. This can trigger a Heat Hulk ‘smash’ response if you live with a Heat Hulk persona.

7. Buy your children an inflatable pool

Invest in an inflatable pool that is big enough to fit you and your child. If your child asks, ‘Mummy/daddy what you doing? You too big!’ Let your child know it says supervision is necessary and you take your job serious.

P.S. Matching swimsuits are cute!

What has this heat made you do?

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