Wednesday 8 April, 2020

The Busy Bajan: Zoë Allamby adds a makeup line to her business stream

Zoë holding some of her Carib Beauty Cosmetic products

Zoë holding some of her Carib Beauty Cosmetic products

"Pretty for a darkie."

Once again, with yet another business venture, this Barbadian entrepreneur is attacking the issue of colourism by making persons of all skin colours feel pretty, while granting them greater access to products for their skin tones.

"Black is beautiful"

Understanding the trials and tribulations which dark-skinned women especially encounter when trying to find makeup products that compliment their tone, Loop's Busy Bajan this week has got a new option for locals and visitors to the island of Barbados. This makeup struggle is even greater when dark-skinned beauties try to find nude and earthy tones which can be used for everyday wear.


Video caption: Zoë also provided dance stocking for dancers and Carnival babies of all sizes and shades when she realised that this was pain point for women of colour to find shades that matched their diverse skin tones.

For these reasons, Carib Beauty Cosmetics was born and is very important to its owner, Zoë Allamby. A model, a mother, a wife and a YouTuber, Zoë has added a new hat to her collection of titles - Creator of Carib Beauty Cosmetics.

Zoë left Barbados at the age of 17 years old after finishing her formal education at The St. Michael School. She then went on to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising at the Miami International University of Arts and Design.

Before she left Barbados, Zoë was modelling, and this is what she continued to do when she migrated to Miami. This meant that while some university students were partying on the weekends, Zoë was modelling and balancing studying with managing her YouTube channel.  

For some lucky persons, hobbies and passions generate funds and the more Zoë modelled, the more her love for it grew. Therefore, it came as no surprise when she continued modelling after graduation. Even though she secured an internship under the Director of Marketing, Zoë was determined to continue in the path that she loved. She admits to wanting to continue in the direction of marketing, but she did not want to retire from modelling.

But Lady Luck was smiling over Zoë.

To Zoë’s advantage, marketing, the beauty world, the fashion world and her YouTube world all intertwined eventually so she has continued to make money and enjoy all the things that she loves. Asked about the balancing act to manage all aspects, with a big smile, Zoë said, “It was never overwhelming to the point where… I had to choose one."


How Carib Beauty Cosmetics came to be

Fast forward to 2020, Zoë was always into makeup and beauty therefore her idea for Carib Beauty Cosmetics was not a shocker. But, even though she loves makeup, as she says, "I still like to look like myself". That is why this makeup brand caters to darker skinned women. She believes that the essence of Carib Beauty Cosmetics is the fact that you can use them every day.

Already being met with a good response, Zoë said this brand connects with customers, so it's making an impact off the bat. Appreciative, she describes her clients as "dear to my heart" relationships with people across the world who she doesn’t know. 

Loop ran into Zoë last weekend at Girlfriends Expo and Arts Festival. Chatting after the two-day expo, she shared with Loop Lifestyle her experience at the Expo. Zoë, who was one of the exhibitors said she was approached by several women who explained how they wanted colours that would still be appropriate enough to wear to work or to school, and of course she had such in droves. In the past, Zoë has seen a need or gap and stepped in and she was happy to see that once again with a niche products she could bring smiles and satisfaction to people again, this time by delivering on their makeup wishes.

Zoë is the mother of a beautiful, one-year old daughter Nala, which she described as "a full-time job". However, Zoë is lucky enough to have a great support system.

She now lives in Delaware with her husband, "a great partner" Allan. Whenever she comes home to Barbados, her father, mother and brother all pitch in helping out with Nala. She says that she does not ever have an issue asking for help with her daughter because her family members always offer it.

Even though Zoe lives in the US now, her Carib Beauty Cosmetics products can still be purchased in Barbados. Currently, three local retailers sell these products; Teaze Cosmetics, Kiss N’ Makeup and the Blueprint Store.

In the near future, she hopes to have a physical Carib Beauty Cosmetics store on the island.

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