Wednesday 3 June, 2020

Government nurseries closing after parents refuse to send children

A significant number of parents and guardians are refusing to send their children to the government nurseries or no longer have a need for the service.

This declining need for the facilities has triggered the closure of the facilities.

In a press release issued this afternoon (March 31) these facilities are being closed effective tomorrow, Wednesday, April 1. 

All government day nurseries fall under the auspices of the Child Care Board (CCB).

According to the statement, the Director of the CCB, Joan Crawford, said that due to a lack of demand for the Day Care Services of the Child Care Board, they "regrettably had to make the decision to close the nurseries, temporarily."

She added, however, that the Board would continue to provide a place of safety for all children, and in that regard reminded parents and guardians not to leave their children unattended or in harm’s way.

Crawford said the CCB would make special arrangements for parents involved in the essential services who find themselves in need of such day care services.

Those parents are asked to call 535-2800 during the hours of 9.00 am and 2.00 pm a day ahead of time, so that arrangements could be made for the following day.

Additionally, she pointed out that the guidelines for admission to a daycare centre remained the same.

Family of staff and staff relieved

This move is welcomed by some staff of the government day nurseries who have been pleading for those doors to close in light of the COVID-19 situation locally. There was a cry to Loop News even from loved ones who have mothers and aunties over 60 years old working in the system. 

One of our readers commented yesterday (March 30), "the government close private daycare nursery but government one are open, my 60+ sister have [sic] to go to work every morning."

On hearing the news today (March 31), one reader whose 62-year-old mother works at a government day nursery exhaled loudly and said, "Finally". She confessed she was worried because her mum kept saying that she has to go because they are an 'essential service' and must continue. The 62-year-old worker shared that she too didn't want to go to work for fear of increased exposure.

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