Monday 30 November, 2020

Schools almost ready for the September reopening, except St Giles'

Repainted restrooms at a school (FILE)

Repainted restrooms at a school (FILE)

The students of St Giles' Primary School already know that they will not be returning to their old classrooms on September 21 along with the other thousands of students across the island.

Delivering this news this evening was the Minister of Education Santia Bradshaw today, September 5 during a press conference.

She explained that St Giles' Primary School is one of the institutions that was getting upgrades to the plant but because it is made of soft stone and the roof of the main building was in a state of deterioration exacerbated while closed since March, this institution will not be ready.

She said that beyond the new roof, teachers will return to upgrades in the staff room and the ancillary staff will have better quarters. She also said that termite infested floor boards are being removed and the students will return to "a more comfortable" environment.

The Ministry will continue to update teachers, staff, parents and students of this school but as of right now, Bradshaw said that the end date for the renovations is looking like "early October or even mid-October". 

But in the interim, Bradshaw said that talks are underway to see if adjustments came be made to possibly accommodate students at the neighbouring Barbados Community College (BCC). Both institutions are located in The Ivy, St Michael, a walking distance from each other.

In relation to other schools that had work being done, Bradshaw told the nation that most of the renovations are completed or will be completed by the end of the week as some receive a paint refresher or as debris is removed. Tours were conducted at plants with principals and environmental and safety officers.

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