Tuesday 27 October, 2020

Homeschooling group calls for partnership with Ministry of Education


Homeschooling an option that needs to be further explored

(FILE) Homeschooling an option that needs to be further explored

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of parents are reluctant to send their children back to school.

With the new school term commencing in late-September, home school advocate and president of the African Heritage Foundation, Paul 'Simba' Rock is calling on the Ministry of Education to work in tandem with parents who want to homeschool their kids. 

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Speaking to Loop News, Rock suggested that a system should be created whereby parents would be able to assess the level of their charges and an online teaching platform accessible to parents and educators.

"I think the Ministry can have a mobile sort of teaching service where parents can access assistance from the Ministry and the Ministry can employ or activate younger people, unemployed and underemployed people within this service," Rock recommended. 

The AHF president implied there was too much "red tape" for parents interested in homeschooling their children. He reported that parents who went to the Foundation seeking help revealed that they were discouraged by education officials. 

"One of the parents who applied through us that said the ministry wasn’t that cooperative . . . Even with the application, they were asking for the parents' qualifications in terms of if they had CXCs, any other certification but it really doesn’t make sense when you understand the essence of homeschooling and what it is and the ministry in their lack of support never sought to give any support to homeschooling parents so there was not a homeschooling division in the ministry," Rock added. 

He maintained that a "homeschooling division" in the Ministry of Education would help to bridge the relationship between homeschoolers, parents, and education officials. 

With the educational system evolving due to the pandemic, Rock also revealed that the AHF sought to create a mobile homeschool service whereby tutors can go to the families who found it difficult to get to their headquarters. He held that a multifaceted approach to education was needed during this time. 

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